Mobile Learning Opportunity: Absorb Learn Mobile App Now Ready for Download

Mobile Learning Opportunity: Absorb Learn Mobile App Now Ready for Download


Anneliese Delgado


No longer confined to classrooms or desktop computers, mobile learning feeds the need for on-the-go information. To best meet learners where they already are, the new Absorb Learn mobile app is now available for Android or iOS devices. People who already use the award-winning Absorb LMS can now take advantage of this new opportunity for learning at their fingertips.

Meet the Absorb Learn mobile app

To power efficient on-the-go learning, Absorb Learn enables:

  • Brand consistency: Maintain uniformity between the web LMS and app for logos, colors, fonts and images.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) support:Easily and securely sign in from your mobile device without hassle.
  • Responsive experience: Browse through a mobile-friendly catalog of courses and curricula.
  • Offline accessibility: Work through courses, even without an internet connection. Progress will automatically synchronize when connection is restored.
  • Content support: Publish SCORM,Tin Can (xAPI), PDF, DOCX, XLSX or MP4 content without converting files.

Benefits of mobile learning

Research suggests mobile learning better engages learners, results in higher retention rates and shortens the overall training process compared to traditional forms of learning. In fact, one study shows knowledge retention improved by 53 percent among staff members who used mobile learning to acclimate with a new product, compared to staff members who didn't use mobile learning at all. Many stakeholders are concerned the time spent learning and training eats into general productivity. But according to a Merrill Lynch, GoLearn initiative, smartphone users finished compliance courses 45 percent faster than computer users. Mobile learning will continue to prove its return on investment, especially for companies with a high percentage of Millennial and Gen Z learners.

See Absorb Learn in action

Getting started with the Absorb Learn mobile app is easy. Read the set up instructions and put mobile learning in the hands of your users today. If you need additional help, feel free to contact your Absorb representative.

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