More Learning and Development Myths

More Learning and Development Myths


Richard Nantel


As a follow up to my post of last December titled "The Biggest Myths in Learning and Development," I asked the following question within various LinkedIn discussion groups:

What other learning and development beliefs do we hold to be true but probably aren't?

Here are some of the replies:

  • Universities are embracing eLearning to extend their audiences to people who cannot afford to attend their institutions. — Jean-Marc R.
  • L&D facilitators need to be subject matter experts on what they deliver. It's their job. —Ray O.
  • We must evaluate all learning activities and show ROI. — Ray O.
  • By sending people off to training, we will get them back in a more productive condition. — Anders B.
  • Train for knowledge, coach for performance. — Hannah T.
  • Most organizations that have embraced online learning have no idea what, if anything, their workforce is learning. — James M.
  • Organizations understand the learning & development needs of their people and organization! — Barry H.
  • Management training is directly linked to attitude and behavioural change and tangible results. — Graham W.
  • Training improves on-the-job performance.—Leon N.
  • Well-trained staff are essential for superior workplace performance.—Leon N.
  • Effective training is the result of good training courses. — Leon N.

Fascinating submissions, everyone. Thank you.

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