New Look, Same Great Place

New Look, Same Great Place


Absorb LMS


You may have noticed that we've given ourselves quite the makeover overnight!

We're really excited to share Absorb's new look with you. However, our new look is more than just a new logo and new colours. It's an evolution and investment into the future.

We are unapologetically passionate about what we do here. And now, more than ever, we're proud to stand behind the name Absorb as we promise to build and support software intelligently crafted for you, your enterprise, and your learners.

One final note, Blatant Media is now Absorb Software. With our focus on Absorb LMS, it only made sense for the company who builds it to share the name. Structurally, nothing has changed within the company. We're still the same company, run by a couple Mikes, with offices in Calgary and Dublin.


Absorb LMS

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