Turn Your LMS into a "Choose Your Own Adventure" Learning Experience

Turn Your LMS into a "Choose Your Own Adventure" Learning Experience


Dan Medakovic


Create Self-Directed Learning Surveys (and more) Using Answer-Based Actions

The need to keep learners engaged is a struggle we see many LMS administrators come to us with, competing for their audience's attention every step of the way. Not only do their learners have a host of other options for their time, administrators and course builders are unable to create unique content that would actually engage individual users. Instead, they're stuck with a one-size fits all approach. One of the great things about Absorb LMS is how easy it is to target content for different learner types. Sometimes, however, it's not possible to gather all the info you need to segment your learner audience. And sometimes, you'd like to provide a way for your learners to engage in content based on some kind of self-directed segmentation or profiling. Well, help is on the way! There is a cool survey feature in Absorb 5 called "Answer-Based Actions". Enabling this option in an Absorb Survey will display some additional options for you whenever you add a question. This creates some interesting opportunities for you and your learners. Here are a few examples:

1. Enroll Learners in Courses based on survey responses

  • You can create a multiple choice survey question which could be used, for example, to enroll learners in sample courses based on their areas of interest. For each possible response, you can specific one or more courses or curricula into which the learner will be enrolled.

2. Award Competencies and Badges

  • Based on the users selected responses, you can award the learner one or more Competencies and Badges. This is a great way to reward learners for years of experience, customer loyalty, or anything, really. For example, you could ask "How many years have you been using our products?" and provide different badges based on client loyalty. You could also use this to reward years of experience selling or supporting a product, working in an industry, etc.

3. Add Data to Learner Profiles

  • Another use of Answer-Based Actions is to gather and store more information on your learners which can be used to provide them with access to new content, or to trigger course enrollments. You do this by associating a specific value (a word) with a custom field on the learner's profile. If a learner selects any given response in a survey question, the value you created can be stored in that custom field. This would then provide the learner with access to new Courses, Resources, Billboards, News, Contests and/or Polls based on any Availability Rules that you have set for that content. An example is a channel training scenario where users have self-registered. You could auto-enroll all new learners in an Online course that contains a survey with Answer-Based Actions. You could ask the learners which job role best matches their area of responsibility: Sales, Technical Support, Engineering, Design, Marketing, etc. Based on the users response you could populate their Job Title field with the response provided. Again, this may trigger access to a whole range of new content. This data immediately becomes available for you to help when segmenting your learner audience in reports and for targeting existing and future content.

Any of the above action types can co-exist in a single survey. When it comes the ways in which this can benefit your organization, you are only limited by your imagination! For more information on Answer-Based Surveys, contact us and we would be happy to help. Want to try Absorb LMS for yourself? Get access to a demo portal in less than 30 seconds.

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