Webinar: Strategies to Empower Learners Within a Learning Management System

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I'll be presenting a Webinar for HR.com on January 10th titled "Strategies to Empower Learners Within a Learning Management System." This event will cover:
  • How to design curricula that give learners control over which learning events they select
  • How to use a learning management system as an on-ramp to the Web’s best content
  • How to allow learners to select their preferred learning modalities, whether self-paced courses, instructor-led events, or other
  • How to give learners the ability to record the learning events they engaged in outside of the learning management system
  • How the data collected through learner surveys can create a learner-driven environment
  • Launching collaborative activities from a learning management system
  • And much more
I hope you'll join me and share your ideas. Details and registration form are located here. HR.com
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