Get the data you need in a way that makes sense to your business with our full-service development of dynamic, ad hoc dashboards and reports.

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Full-service business intelligence

Every choice should be informed, and every action measurable. We recognize your business is unique and comes with your own set of specific reporting needs. Though they may be niche, no one can argue their importance in the context of your e-learning strategy. Our Business Intelligence Module gives your team the ability to gather actionable insights from your LMS like never before.


Professional ad hoc reporting

Partnering with an Absorb developer you’ll be able to create interactive dashboards and ad hoc reports built specifically for your organization. With virtually no limits to the ways your LMS data can be sorted and organized, we’ll work together to help you realize your reporting goals as we work together to extract, manipulate, and present your data to best meet your business requirements.

Not only are the reporting capabilities in the Business Intelligence Module completely ad hoc, the visual representation of your data is customizable as well, right down to the colors. That means you can have custom branded ad hoc reports that are built right into the Absorb LMS admin interface or set up your reports and dashboards to export and email out to relevant stakeholders in a variety of file formats.

Dashboard and report library

Along with the ad hoc reports you create, you’ll have direct access to an ever growing library of dashboards and reports. From day one, your Business Intelligence Module will provide you with new and functional reporting options. Use them as they are, or use them as inspiration for something a little more customized.

Access to ready-made premium BI dashboards and reports

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