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Ryley Learning Creates Safer Workplaces

Harassment prevention and anti-racism training are vital elements of your company's overall employee education program, so you must get them right. Ryley Learning delivers engaging, interactive eLearning courses that use true-to-life characters in a range of scenarios designed to foster empathy through engagement and interactivity.

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Making harassment prevention and anti-racism training part of your company's culture gives employees the peace of mind they need to perform their roles unencumbered by fear or anxiety. The risk of incidents of occurring in the first place is reduced when everyone understands what conduct is "off-side" and hurtful. Not only does the training ensure employees are aware of your organization's stance on these issues, but it also prepares them to navigate any situation that arises—or to play a role in preventing them.

Key Features of Ryley Learning

Set up unique workflows

Set up unique workflows

Educate employees about how to prevent, navigate and report instances of harassment and racism.

Automatic course delivery

Automatic course delivery

Demonstrate that your organization is one where diversity is valued and celebrated.

Empower professional development

Empower professional development

Set and meet company compliance standards regarding harassment prevention and anti-racism training.

FAQs about Ryley Learning integration

I am already using Ryley Learning, can I import my existing courses into Absorb LMS?

Yes, if you already purchased access to Ryley Learning content, you can import your existing courses. There is a fee for enabling the turnkey integration, so talk to us to learn more.

Which languages are Ryley Learning courses available in?

Ryley Learning courses are voiced in English and French, with closed captioning and full accessibility features. Scripts for courses are also readily available.

Do Ryley Learning courses meet the legal requirements for my organization's jurisdiction?

While you should contact a lawyer in your organization's jurisdiction to obtain legal advice on any legislative and/or common law requirements relating to workplace sexual harassment, you can find information about several North American locations on the Ryley Learning website.

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