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ADP® Connector

Absorb LMS offers turnkey integrations for ADP Vantage HCM®, ADP Next Gen HCM® and ADP Workforce Now® that seamlessly connect human resources (HR) and training data to provide all the benefits and function of a software suite. ADP® is a global provider of human capital management solutions. These turnkey ADP connectors save businesses money by automating menial--but time consuming--tasks like data entry, record keeping and training enrollment, all while driving out human error and increasing company compliance.

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How the ADP® Integration Works

Integrating ADP® with Absorb LMS reduces the time and complexity of managing HR and learning processes across your organization.

Absorb LMS can sync dozens of ADP® eligible data fields while also adhering to appropriate GDPR and SOC 2 security compliance requirements. Save time and ensure consistent, accurate and up-to-date records across both systems by integrating your ADP® instance with Absorb LMS.

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Two Way Competency Sync for ADP Workforce Now®

Earned competencies are sent from Absorb into the user's talent profile to ensure records are kept up to date, and leadership is aware of their staff's learned competencies without needing to access their LMS.

Why Use ADP Integration for Absorb LMS?

Save Time And Money

Save Time And Money

Reduce time spent inputting data and improve the user experience for employees, administrators and leadership.

Easy Connection

Easy Connection

Sync dozens of eligible data fields and keep accurate, up-to-date records across both platforms.

Minimize Compliance Risk

Minimize Compliance Risk

Reduce human errors that can lead to company compliance risk.

FAQs about ADP® Connector for Absorb LMS

Are the ADP® connectors hard to set up?

Not at all. ADP® integration was designed to make connecting to your HR and learner data as straightforward as possible and only takes a few minutes.

Why should I bother using an ADP® connector?

Connecting your ADP® instance with Absorb LMS enables you to have a single source of truth for your learning data, keeping records up to date and accurate across both systems. Plus, you'll save time by automating data entry, record keeping, and training enrollment.

How many fields can I sync between ADP® and Absorb LMS?

You can sync dozens of eligible data fields between ADP® and Absorb LMS, while still adhering to GDPR and SOC 2 compliance standards.

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