BambooHR Integration

Accelerate onboarding and set compliance training reminders to autopilot with the BambooHR integration for Absorb LMS. Using BambooHR as the single source of truth for employee information, every new hire or role change is reflected in Absorb, meaning employees are automatically enrolled in their required training. Course data can likewise be synced from Absorb and pushed to BambooHR, ensuring employee records accurately reflect the status of compliance training and certification renewals. 

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Fuel Growth by Connecting Data

Mapping the data you want to share between the two systems is fast and effortless—but the impact is huge. Once done, your HR team benefits from a significant reduction in data entry, giving them more time to focus on higher-value tasks that grow your business. More than a tool of efficiencies, this turnkey BambooHR integration assists in futureproofing your business by highlighting professional development opportunities and providing unbiased insight to assist with succession planning. 

Why integrate BambooHR into Absorb LMS?

Set up unique workflows

Set up unique workflows

Deliver training to employees at the speed of now by setting up unique workflows for onboarding, training, and more.

Automatic course delivery

Automatic course delivery

Streamline the new hire onboarding process by automatically delivering courses to new employees.

Empower professional development

Empower professional development

Target specific professional development opportunities to learners based on department, title, or role and help them grow.


How do I set up the BambooHR integration for Absorb LMS?

Getting up and running with your BambooHR integration only takes a single request made to the Absorb Support team. No special technical knowledge is needed, and system admins can find everything they need to start syncing data right in the admin interface.

Who do I contact for support for this integration?

The Absorb Support Team can lend a hand with anything you need—from setup to troubleshooting. You can reach them by phone, email or by submitting a ticket through the Help Desk.

Is there an automatic data sync between Absorb LMS and BambooHR?

Yes, the app automatically syncs data approximately every 30 minutes—typically at the top and bottom of the hour. 

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