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Your customers, partners, and employees spend their days in Salesforce. What if they had access to all relevant training right in that environment – when they need it? They never have to leave their Salesforce environment to learn something new or to refresh their memory. The Absorb LMS Connector enables your customers, partners, and employees to meet their full potential by delivering learning content directly within Salesforce.

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Experience a High-Performance Native CRM Integration

Your sales teams can assign and sell new training to clients; operations can report on training ROI; and customer service can ensure clients have the most up-to-date product training. Moreover, with single sign-on functionality, your employees can learn in-the-flow and won’t have to remember two separate login details. Whether your training is a support tool or a product to be sold, having on-the-spot learning access within Salesforce will prove invaluable—saving time, shortening your sales cycle, and boosting revenue. 

Why use Absorb LMS Connector for Salesforce?

Analyze Learner Activity

Analyze Learner Activity

Track training activity and measure its impact on important business metrics like sales revenue and number of service tickets submitted.

Target Learning Content

Target Learning Content

Use the home screen to display courses your team could upsell to clients or utilize it to enable prospects to learn about a new product.

Training For Everyone

Training For Everyone

Enable your customers, partners, and employees to access relevant training, from Salesforce Support, Sales, and Community environments.

FAQs about Absorb LMS Connector for Salesforce

How does the Absorb LMS Connector for Salesforce improve the learner experience for my employees? 

In addition to the content showcased on the home page, employees with access to Salesforce can browse a targeted course catalog, self-enroll, and consume the course without ever leaving Interrupted training can be resumed with a click—launching them back to where they left off.

Why is it better to choose an LMS connector for Salesforce that makes content native to Salesforce rather than using iFrames?

Making LMS content native to Salesforce creates an immersive, streamlined user experience that isn't possible with iFrames. Beyond that, you'll avoid the security risks and usability issues commonly associated with iFrames.

Does the Absorb LMS Connector for Salesforce automatically complete data syncs?

Yes, the app automatically syncs data approximately every 60 minutes—typically at the top and bottom of the hour. 

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