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Absorb LMS AI

Absorb LMS AI

Absorb LMS artificial intelligence (AI) makes online learning more efficient and effective. Pulling information from your LMS content and data, it learns to predict the exact information a learner needs and connects them right to it—keeping them informed and ready for whatever the day brings.


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AI That's the Smart Choice for Everyone

Growing in tandem with the learner engagement it fuels, the AI powering Absorb LMS gets smarter every time there's a new piece of content, search query, course enrollment and more. The smarter it gets, the more valuable it becomes—saving learners time by connecting them to relevant content faster and giving LMS admins deeper strategic insight to propel L&D initiatives forward. Never one to steal the spotlight, our AI directs the learner experience seamlessly from behind the scenes, ensuring there's only one place you'll ever notice its influence: the results.

Smart Ranking™ for Absorb LMS

Smart RankingTM, an AI-powered feature exclusive to Absorb LMS, delivers search results in the order predicted to be most useful to the learner submitting the query. And just as we learn from our mistakes, the LMS AI continually adjusts its rankings to reflect what it discovers about your learners and their needs. For example, if many people search for a term and most of them click on the eighth result presented, that result will move up the results, making it easier for others to discover the content they're looking for.

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Why Choose Absorb LMS with Artificial Intelligence?

Improve the learner experience
Improve the learner experience
Learners can more easily find the content they're looking for and, in so doing, help future searchers get better results. AI refines results with every new search.
Drive content engagement
Drive content engagement
When learners efficiently find the content they're searching for, they gain the skills they seek and are motivated to come back for more.
Insightful reporting
Insightful reporting
Analytics about how learners are searching and what content they're finding delivers administrators a wealth of information to guide program—and learner—development.

Search Analytics Report™ for Absorb LMS

Gain a better understanding of what your learners need with the Search Analytics Report™ for Absorb LMS. The curated data tells the story of your learners' experience, highlighting the wins and identifying opportunities for improvement, including:

  • Identifying and filling content gaps
  • Ensuring content titles, descriptions and tags are accurate
  • Removing outdated or irrelevant content

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FAQs About Absorb LMS Artificial Intelligence