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LMS Machine Learning

LMS Machine Learning

Empower learners to discover the content they need among all the eLearning materials available in your LMS. Machine learning delivers the best possible search results—boosting learner engagement and producing valuable strategic insight.

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LMS Machine Learning Drives Business Success

How do learners build skills if they can't find the content they need in your LMS? Answer: they can't. LMS machine learning connects learners with relevant content precisely when they're looking for it—boosting productivity, increasing learner engagement and providing L&D leaders actional intelligence. An LMS that leverages this technology empowers learners to quickly grasp knowledge and propels L&D initiatives forward. This makes your learning program even more valuable to your organization.

How Absorb LMS Machine Learning Works

Leveraging the power of machine learning, Smart RankingTM is an Absorb feature that provides the best possible search results—and it comes standard for all Absorb users. As users search for terms, the algorithm learns from what they select to present better results to future users. For example, if many people search for a term and most of them click on the eighth result presented, that result will move up the results, making it easier for others to discover the content they were looking for. Results are continually re-ranked based on learner choices to deliver the best, most relevant options.

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Why Choose Absorb LMS with Machine Learning?

Improve the learner experience
Improve the learner experience
Learners can more easily find the content they're looking for and, in so doing, help future searchers get better results. Machine learning refines results with every new search.
Drive content engagement
Drive content engagement
When learners efficiently find the content they're searching for, they gain the skills they seek and are motivated to come back for more.
Insightful reporting
Insightful reporting
Analytics about how learners are searching and what content they're finding delivers administrators a wealth of information to guide program—and learner—development.

Search Analytics Report

Administrators gain insights via a Search Analytics ReportTM showing learner search results, including:

  • What terms learners queried
  • If the learner used the results
  • Which results were used

This report can identify content gaps, as well as identify areas where titles, descriptions or tags can be changed to improve the learner experience and search result relevancy. Reviewing search trends is one of the most accurate ways to determine what your learners want from an LMS. Reduce dead-end searches and better determine how an LMS can keep your learners engaged and eager to grow.

search analytics report

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FAQs About Absorb LMS Machine Learning