Observation Checklists

The Absorb LMS Observation Checklist closes the gap between online and on-the-job training (OJT). It streamlines the process of verifying that employees have the skills, knowledge and capabilities to get the job done—and tracks it all automatically to ensure your records are always accurate and up to date. The Observation Checklist feature is built to support company and regulatory compliance efforts—and with the addition of the Reviewer role to the LMS, checklist reviews can be completed by a peer, supervisor, manager or independent third party.

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Simple, Scalable 
On-The-Job Training Reviews

The Observation Checklist feature takes the work out of tracking and reviewing how well your learners can apply their training to successfully complete the tasks and procedures essential to their role. The workflow is simple: learners indicate when they're ready for their review within the LMS, it's marked as such and added to the reviewer's queue—they just have to log on and record the results. And because "on the job" doesn't always mean "near a computer," checklist reviews can be performed anytime, anywhere on any device.

Why Choose Absorb LMS for Observation Checklists

Streamlined Recordkeeping

Streamlined Recordkeeping

Eliminate the need for inefficient paper checklists while keeping records up-to-date and accurate.

Holistic Reporting & Analytics

Holistic Reporting & Analytics

Prove the ROI of your learning program by tracking online and on-the-job training in your LMS.

Intuitive Reviewer Experience

Intuitive Reviewer Experience

Complete reviews with accuracy and efficiency from day one—no previous LMS experience required.

FAQs about Observation Checklists

What information is available through the reviewer interface?

The reviewer interface is built for ease and efficiency but has everything necessary to gain accurate insight into how well an employee can complete a task or procedure—making it a perfect fit for internal and third-party reviewers alike.  

Here's what's included:  

  • A mobile interface tailored to meet their needs when reviewing learners meeting the requirements of a checklist of items
  • A simple workflow to enable them to find the learner they are going to review and grade them according to predefined checklist options.
  • The ability to pause a review and resume later. The review does not always have to happen in real-time.
  • Pass/Fail a user for a given Review and add comments.

What if I need to include supporting documents for Observation Checklist reviews?

No problem! A reviewer can easily attach as many as five supporting documents to an Observation Checklist, with support for over a dozen file formats to accommodate text documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos and more.  

Can the reviewer interface be customized to reflect my brand?

Absolutely! Training is an essential part of your business and it should always look the part. The reviewer interface can be customized with the same depth and ease as the rest of your LMS.  

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