LMS Reporting & Analytics

Get the data your organization needs to make informed decisions. Absorb LMS reporting and analytics dashboards empower you with key insights that make sense for your specific business. Prove ROI for your learning program, track learner progress and take on the future with valuable data at your fingertips.

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Spark Action With LMS Reporting

Thorough reporting on your learning programs is essential for every LMS administrator. But what good is your LMS reporting if you can't act on it? With Absorb LMS, you can track a host of activities, then take informed action using your LMS reporting data. See a group of learners needing a course? No problem! Easily enroll learners in courses directly from the report.

Absorb LMS Reporting & Analytics Features

Highly Configurable

Highly Configurable

Every Absorb LMS report is configurable to your exact preferences. Show or hide relevant columns, reorder, and include dozens of custom data fields relevant to your LMS reporting. Set dynamic date filters and remember them. Easily set up your favorite filtered and sorted reports as presets, including picking a default.

Easily Share Reports

Easily Share Reports

Share learning insights across your organization—even with those not logging in to access LMS analytics. Create the LMS analytics reports your team needs, then schedule regular email to update key stakeholders. Target certain groups of users to receive LMS reporting; including the C-Suite, department heads and instructors.

Customizable Templates

Customizable Templates

Save time and get the information you need with out-of-the-box LMS report templates. Get up and running quickly by tapping the commonly used reports pre-built and ready to use. If these LMS reports aren't exactly what you need, easily customize them and save your new personalized report.

Pre-built LMS reports include:

  • Learner Activity
  • Learner Progress
  • Department Progress
  • Learner Competencies
  • Course Activity

  • Tasks
  • Course Summary
  • Assessments
  • ILC Sessions
  • ILC Activity

  • Curricula Activity
  • Course Evaluations
  • Course Approvals
  • Session Approvals
  • Certificates
  • Other Training
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Absorb Analyze

Make the most of training. It falls upon you, as a learning professional, to provide insight into information by accurately assessing them with products like Absorb Analyze. This BI tool allows comprehension into critical data behind training programs - tracking how many learners have completed their assessments or when learners start seeking help. Organizations of all sizes can tap this add-on option for:

  • Advanced data visualizations
  • Personalized reporting dashboards
  • Deeper data analysis

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Search Analytics Report™ for Absorb LMS

Gain a better understanding of what your learners need with the Search Analytics Report™ for Absorb LMS. The curated data tells the story of your learners' experience, highlighting the wins and identifying opportunities for improvement, including:

  • Identifying and filling content gaps
  • Ensuring content titles, descriptions and tags are accurate
  • Removing outdated or irrelevant content

Our Customers

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Reporting capabilities are fantastic. Creating a report and then having the ability to auto-generate daily/weekly/monthly is very useful.
Tony Isaac, Supervisor, Instructional Design, Insperity

FAQs about Absorb LMS Reporting & Analytics

Does Absorb have anyone on staff to help me set up my LMS reports?

Yes, absolutely. We have experts on our Professional Services team to guide you through reporting setup during onboarding.

What fields can I export to use for LMS analytics?

Most any field you have in Absorb LMS can be exported, either as a single record or in aggregate. Data can also be viewed as cumulative records—e.g., all data to date, or narrowed to only show data changed since your last LMS reporting.  

I have an in-house analytics team. Can I get direct database access to my LMS reporting data?

Yes, many companies want instant data access for specific LMS reporting purposes. By subscribing to Direct Database Access, you gain remote, read-only access to a SQL server database containing all your raw data.

How can I start leveraging Absorb Analyze?

Users can now add the robust reporting option of Absorb Analyze to their learning Management Systems. Talk to an Absorb representative to add Absorb Analyze to your LMS and enjoy the robust features this BI tool has to offer.

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