LMS Administration

LMS Administration

Automate your way to maximum efficiency. As an LMS administrator, you can bend and shape this employee training software to run on your rules and on your schedule.

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Absorb Smart Administration

Your LMS, your way

We've built our LMS to flex and shape to your employee training requirements. With clients across dozens of industries with hundreds of unique use cases, experience shows us that one-size employee training software does not fit all. Whether you're a growing SaaS company looking for employee training software, or a manufacturer looking to scale eLearning or an institution looking to stay compliant, Absorb LMS can work for you.


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Immediate Access to Key Training Data and Analytics

Customize LMS administrator dashboards to display the training data and analytics you need the moment you log on. With drag and drop ease, system administrators can mix and match dashboard widgets to create multiple dashboard templates to be assigned to department, group or other admin-level users.

Dashboard widgets include:

  • Course Enrollment: Show data by department and course
  • Logins: Display logins over time, interactive for all administrators
  • Reports: Get quick access to the reports you've saved, shared or have been shared with you.
  • Competency Counter: Keep track of the competencies earned in the LMS
  • Custom Display: Use plain text or HTML to include a message or image on a dashboard.

customizable administrator dashboard reports

Intelligent Assist - Search

Intelligent Assist

Give your administrative team the freedom to focus on the big picture with Intelligent Assist, the AI feature that helps manage day-to-day admin tasks more efficiently. Using natural language, ask a simple or even complex request and be taken directly to the pre-configured report page or action screen with one click. This game-changing capability makes LMS administration faster, more efficient and easier for power users and novices alike.

Powerful File Management & Instant Resource Updates

Sharing and reusing creative assets makes your course creation more efficient and cost-effective, and ensures brand consistency. Our File Manager securely stores your creative resources in the cloud, making it easy for the whole team to access them anywhere, anytime. When you are ready to use a creative asset, you can find it using our intuitive search, filter, and sort options and user-defined tags. Our intelligent LMS platform also makes recommendations - you might discover something new! And when an asset needs to be updated, you can change the file and all the courses that use it, with a single click!

file manager

manager experience

Enable Your Team Leaders

Provide your team leaders with the ability to report on their teams’ training performance. Administrators can configure a manager/team lead hierarchy, which is independent from the department hierarchy and existing group structures.

Team leaders have a dedicated view to the following data for their matrixed teams:

  • Course Enrollments
  • Completion Certificates
  • Acquired Competencies

Why choose Absorb LMS for Smart Administration?

LMS Administration Automation
LMS Administration Automation
Give your administrators the power to schedule and automate much of the busy work other LMS's require. With intuitive course setup, user management and LMS reporting tools, you can take back time better spent on more important things. And automating tasks such as certification renewals and training reminders ensures your learning stays on track—and your company stays compliant.
Easy Data Access
Easy Data Access
LMS administrators get easy, immediate access to data—at their fingertips—via customizable analytics dashboards. Provide at-a-glance information for each training to each administrator role or group, while keeping complete control over who has data access. It's the perfect balance of transparency and security.
Integrated Systems
Integrated Systems
Leverage integrations to maximize the efficiency of your learning strategy. By utilizing your existing HRIS and CRM data, Absorb LMS can often do the LMS administration for you. Set up integrations to automatically create new learners or update existing ones to reflect changes like promotions, and have training assigned accordingly.
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Ultimately, Absorb is fast, easy, gorgeous and even if you're a staff of one or two (like me) you can easily manage hundreds of learners and dozens of online courses. I love Absorb!

Cecilia White, Product Manager, Marketing

My experience with the Absorb LMS over the past two years has been fantastic. I've worked with a variety of learning management systems over the past fifteen years, and I have to say that the Absorb LMS is hands down the best I've ever worked with.

Steve Price, President
LearnPort Inc.
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