Compliance Training

Compliance Training

Corporate compliance isn't a chore; it protects your people, information, reputation and bottom line. Absorb LMS provides reliable compliance training software to help keep your organization safe and aware of workplace hazards, whether its data security, physical safety or employee behavior. The award-winning learning management software makes compliance training a breeze by automating enrollments, delivering and reporting on courses, protecting your teams and your capital, and tracking training statuses against compliance standards, all within a single source of truth. With Absorb LMS, staying compliant has never been easier.


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With Absorb, we're able to deliver metrics and stats on compliance training to the State of California's Governor's office on demand.

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Simplify corporate compliance training.

Empower your people to learn everywhere, at any time by moving your employee training and compliance training online with Absorb LMS. It's the compliance training LMS that handles the heavy lifting for you.

Absorb LMS simplifies your compliance training program, saves you time and eliminates costly human errors with automated scheduling, enrollment, course access and certificate delivery. That's right: no more expired or outdated certifications.

Whether you need to report an employee's completion of mandatory training to a government agency or certify that they've completed a safety course before working on new equipment, Absorb LMS is the LMS compliance solution for you.

Why use Absorb LMS for compliance training?

Easily manage compliance programs
Easily manage compliance programs
Track your company's corporate compliance initiatives in one convenient hub. Absorb LMS automates retraining and renewals, so there's no need to actively manage your ongoing employee education program.
Reduce compliance training costs
Reduce compliance training costs
Deliver consistent employee training across your business's entire ecosystem with compliance training software that scales to your needs. Absorb LMS is a solution designed to empower learning while helping businesses steer clear of costly compliance mistakes.
Improve compliance training completion rates
Improve compliance training completion rates
Enjoy access to proven and up-to-date compliance courses from award-winning content libraries that are designed to engage and motivate learners.

Tap expert course designers

Need help building out your compliance training content? Talk to the Absorb Learning Solutions Team. They'll work with you to refresh existing compliance courses to get them up to date, or design new courses that meet your current needs. From simple SCORM files to fully animated HTML5 courses, build engaging compliance courses that get noticed.


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Stay on Top of Compliance Rules

Compliance rules and regulations are always changing, and it's important to stay on top of current standards. Absorb LMS provides leading software for compliance training that protects your company's people and reputation while helping to mitigate costly fines or legal proceedings.

Absorb LMS powers online compliance training for more than 23 million learners worldwide. Its cloud-based software allows any organization—in any industry—to scale and adapt to ever-evolving compliance rules.

The award-winning LMS offers an intuitive interface to make compliance training an easy and enjoyable experience for all employees, regardless of their computer skills. Even when employees are out in the field, the Absorb Learn mobile app ensures reliable compliance training is always within reach. 


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Why is it important to get compliance training right?

Compliance training can reduce workplace injuries, mitigate costly errors, and ensure your operations comply with government regulations. It can also impact your company's reputation and bottom line:

positive culture
Effective compliance training programs leave learners with a positive impression of an organization's culture.

Source: Training Industry
social learning
23% of firms incorporate online collaboration or social learning into their compliance training programs, boosting employee engagement.

Source: Navex Global
effective compliance training
Studies suggest that only 10% of corporate compliance training is effective, signaling an opportunity for businesses to focus on learning.

Source: Forbes

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What makes Absorb LMS the top choice for LMS compliance training?

Push your company's compliance program ahead of the competition with Absorb LMS. Collaborative employee training features like social learning enable your experienced employees to mentor their colleagues. Innovative AI technology identifies users' needs and automatically directs them to the information they're after, helping online compliance training feel more personalized and engaging. Customize the Absorb LMS interface from top to bottom, allowing your compliance training to become an extension of your company's brand and culture.

Absorb LMS helps facilitate compliance training for organizations of all shapes and sizes. For example, the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) needed powerful software for compliance training that could accommodate segmented courses for users in 37 countries with different standards. Absorb LMS was CMCC's top choice thanks to multi-language support, its configurable and intuitive interface, and ability to build customized learning paths for each geolocation. Today, CMCC takes advantage of Absorb LMS to centralize reporting, reduce manual errors, and provide trusted, time-saving employee training.

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FAQs about Compliance Training Solutions

Make compliance training your strength

Absorb LMS is intuitive, scalable, convenient and powerful, and it's the leading software choice for online compliance training. Discover the difference Absorb LMS can make for your business by requesting a demo today.


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