Create Brand Advocates with Customer Training Through Absorb LMS

Create Brand Advocates with Customer Training Through Absorb LMS

Inspire customers to become brand advocates with Absorb LMS, the leading customer training LMS on the market. Absorb LMS helps your customers get the most out of your offerings, which will earn their trust and loyalty. Lean into customer training as your competitive advantage by creating advocates to build your brand and drive revenue.


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Absorb provides all the functionality you'd expect in an LMS, plus unique features that empower us to deploy an intuitive customer learning portal. Our customers self-enroll without issue.

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Improve Customer Experience

Enhance your customers' experience with a comprehensive customer training program powered by Absorb LMS. Build engagement with intuitive interfaces that make learning easy and fun, and gain valuable insight through extensive reporting and analytics capabilities. Armed with the right data, you can address each customer's needs, spot opportunities to improve relationships and establish stronger connections with your audience.


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Why use Absorb LMS for customer training?

Drive positive business outcomes
Drive positive business outcomes
Absorb LMS grows revenue and boosts customer retention by training your audience to succeed with your product. Additionally, customers are more likely to be open to cross-sell and upsell opportunities when they know you'll be able to train them effectively.
Track customer success
Track customer success
Prove the ROI of your customer training program with a full suite of analytical and reporting tools in Absorb LMS. Your R&D team will appreciate the fast track to improving the customer experience.
Foster an Advocate Community
Foster an Advocate Community
Build a loyal network of product advocates by encouraging conversations about product education. With Absorb LMS, new customers quickly grasp your products' optimal value while also learning tips and tricks from long-term customers.

Making Customer Training Work For You

Build brand loyalty and empower your customers to drive revenue with Absorb LMS, the award-winning customer learning LMS. Absorb LMS provides intuitive design interfaces and multimedia support to make learning straightforward and exciting. In addition, Absorb offers:

  • Absorb Create LI, a full-featured and cloud-based course authoring tool that makes it easy to create new courses 
  • Absorb Pinpoint which leverages natural language processing and AI technology to quickly guide learners toward the exact information they need.
  • Dedicated, 24/7/365 in-house support that's ready and willing to assist whenever it's needed


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Why is customer onboarding and training important?

Business has always been about pleasing the customer, and the current environment is no exception:

Companies with a customer training program experience a 92% renewal rate.

Source: Technology Industries Services Association (TSIA)
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First impressions are important as 40-60% of users open customer training software once without ever logging in again.

Source: ChurnZero
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67% of people say that they would be willing to spend more for top-notch customer training.

Source: Salesforce
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80% of organizations think they provide superior customer service and training, but only 8% of their customers agree.

Source: eLearning Industry
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How does Absorb LMS improve customer training?

Absorb LMS is the leading customer training solution on the market thanks to its exceptional user experience. You can support each customer's individual needs with personalized paths in Absorb LMS. Some customers may need help understanding how to effectively utilize your offerings while others need training to explain the value of what you provide. These are essential aspects of customer training and Absorb LMS excels at both.

Incorporate gamification elements of Absorb Engagesuch as leaderboards—to make customer training more motivating. Course recommendations allow your customers to enroll and complete other training that they might find helpful based on their course history and what's trending. In short, Absorb LMS is everything you need for a customer training program that produces a meaningful impact on your bottom line.

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FAQs about Customer Training Solutions

How can I get started with Absorb LMS for customer training right now?

Organizations around the world trust Absorb LMS with their eLearning needs. For intuitive user experiences, scalability, premium customer service, advanced reporting and more, choose the best customer training LMS to solidify your competitive advantage.


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