WCAG 2.0 Compliance

Absorb is proud of our commitment to achieving WCAG 2.0 compliance for both learners and administrators. Enhancements to our user interface (UI) design empowers superior learning experiences for those with visual and hearing impairments. Meanwhile, administrators can navigate an intuitive interface designed to conform to WCAG 2.0 standards, providing optimal functionality to the greatest possible number of learner-users.

What is WCAG 2.0 Compliance?

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance, specifically WCAG 2.0, is a set of technical standards ensuring web content is perceivable both visually and sonically, operable with the minimum of a keyboard (but also with other inputs), presented in a logical and coherent fashion, and robust in its current and future cross-compatibility. Absorb strives to set the standard for WCAG 2.0 compliance for learning management systems. 

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FAQs about WCAG 2.0 compliance


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