5 Key Onboarding Steps That Will Help You and Your Employees Start Out On the Right Foot


Onboarding sets the tone for your relationships with employees, partners, customers, and franchisees and introduces your brand to key stakeholders. Don’t shortchange your onboarding process, because first impressions definitely matter.  

Most of us have experienced “onboarding” at some point. For new employees, onboarding is a series of training and learning exercises designed to show them how to succeed at their jobs. It also sets the tone for their entire time with your company and helps them feel welcome, supported, and prepared to succeed in their new role. 

According to SHRM, a great onboarding experience ensures 69 percent of employees stick with a company for three years. Imagine how many millions of dollars your employees will earn for your company during those three years (or longer). 

Make the best of your onboarding plan. It really matters. 

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