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How We Got Here, Where We’re Headed

We’re thrilled that in about a decade, more than 500 organizations, big and small, have selected Absorb LMS for the management
of their learning initiatives. The secret to our success? We don’t try to be everything to everyone.
About Us
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Blatant means “noisily conspicuous”. In other words, we’re not about subtlety.
We develop products and deliver services that stand out from the competition.
Blatant Media Corporation is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our programmers, designers, support staff, project managers and implementations experts work in open concept office environments – which is handy when a client needs support, a problem needs to be resolved, or a new feature needs to be brainstormed.



Blatant^ was founded in 2003 when Mike Eggermont and Michael Owens found that the online courses they were designing for a number of clients became practically unusable once they were imported into the LMS systems that existed back then. Often Mike and Mike were asked to also administer these learning management systems and the experience was inhumane at best.

Armed with 3 computers, a spare bedroom and an eager programmer, Mike and Mike began developing Absorb LMS, while paying the bills building content for various industries. Originally much of the LMS usage was in safety training for the Energy Sector, but the LMS was always designed to accommodate any organization that had training needs.


In 2007 the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) looked at over 30 systems to train hundreds of thousands of sports professionals and Absorb LMS won the competition. Mike and Mike realized at this point that the world was ready for Absorb LMS and focused the company’s efforts on a SaaS software model.


By 2014 Absorb LMS had grown to support around 500 organizations world wide in nearly every industry vertical. Absorb LMS remains privately owned by Mike and Mike.

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