Intelligently crafted learning technology

Absorb’s focus is on you. We’ve built this software to conform not just to the needs of your current project but also for years ahead.

With our team of industry experts and visionaries, we are constantly evolving and growing the capabilities of Absorb LMS.

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We’re proud perfectionists

Absorb LMS has been fine tuned over fourteen years by your friends at Absorb Software, formerly operating as Blatant Media. Deployed on AWS servers around the globe, Absorb maintains a 99.99% uptime.

We are always updating our codebase, have built-in redundancy and are always refining backend database performance. At the same time, our in-house teams take pride in great interactions with our customers.

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Consider us your learning sherpas

Your success is our number one concern. Our support team does more than answer technical questions and help with service issues.

Our team of Client Advocates and Customer Success Managers take a personal interest in your project and in exceeding your expectations.

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