Fuel Employee Recognition Initiatives With Learning

Fuel Employee Recognition Initiatives With Learning


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Rewarding a job well done is a key factor in staff retention and professional growth. When you recognize and highlight the contributions of your employees, you inspire further contributions and avoid employee burnout. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), "Organizations adopt employee recognition programs to raise employee morale; attract and retain key employees; elevate productivity; increase competitiveness, revenues and profitability; improve quality, safety and customer service; and reduce employee stress, absenteeism and turnover." With limits imposed by budgets and resources, what's the best way forward?

Plan your rewards & incentives

Tangible rewards are at the core of every employee recognition program. But recognition doesn't need to take the form of money or objects. Pivot your thinking toward recognition that invests in your people as, well, people. Doing so will open up learning pathways to nurture, engage and energize your workforce. Think about what you want to achieve through your employee recognition program. Whether you're hoping to motivate performance, facilitate growth potential, reinforce new behaviors or inspire innovation, providing learning and advancement opportunities will have a far greater impact than a company paperweight. Encourage employees to learn from each other by making coaching a part of your learning pathway recognition strategy. For example, let an employee who was recognized for the way they handled a difficult conversation facilitate the discussion component of an upcoming training event, or provide feedback on training pathway assignments within the LMS. Learning recognition incentives send a clear message that an organization values their employees and supports a culture of continuous improvement.

Shine that spotlight

Keep track of your recognition efforts. Consider using the gamification or leaderboard components of an LMS as a centralized recognition platform. Managers can monitor employee efforts, and team members stay engaged by keeping track of their own performance and achievements. Promote the contributions and efforts of your workforce both within and outside of the organization. Use the social and community components of your LMS to highlight specific achievements. Establish a channel or pathway dedicated to employee recognition. Encourage employees to recognize their colleagues and peers within the LMS and via social media.

A little thanks goes a long way

Be sure to appreciate your employees in a visible way. This can inspire others to make a difference and contribute even more to the organization. According to survey data reported in "The Practical Magic of 'Thank You'" from Deloitte, 85 percent of people want to be thanked on a regular basis. Imagine a team member who has thrown everything they had at a project. When employees receive praise and a "thank you," according to Deloitte, it validates their efforts and makes them feel part of the team. As you consider the best way to recognize your employees, keep in mind the best times and places to highlight their success. Establish a routine and share it with the team. Let them know where, when and how they will be acknowledged. As you implement an employee recognition strategy, stay focused and be clear about merit. Everyone deserves a chance to stand in the limelight!

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