3 Ways to Elevate Your Training Effectiveness

3 Ways to Elevate Your Training Effectiveness


Pamela S. Hogle


The future of work waits for no one. To keep pace with industry innovations and surpass your competition, your employees must have the skills to adapt quickly. The impact of your training shows up in employee performance—and in the bottom line. Boost training effectiveness and maximize your ROI with these three strategies.

1. Ensure accuracy & relevance

Learners will be most excited about training relevant to their day-to-day work or applicable to their career goals. Updated content is key to remaining relevant while ensuring learning aligns with overall business objectives.

Whether your learners train daily, weekly or annually, perform regular content audits to identify which learning materials need updating. Leveraging a robust training management system enables you to efficiently store content, then revisit it to make updates.

Go beyond ensuring your training content is up to date and further improve its relevance by personalizing eLearning. Make use of LMS features that enhance the learner experience, such as individualized learning paths, content targeted by learner role or content localized to the learner's region or country.

2. Invite learner feedback

Many training developers conduct user testing prior to releasing eLearning. They may also ask for learner feedback at the end of a training course or session. Make sure when you solicit feedback, you're digging into the impact of the training on the organization and on learners' overall success.

Consider asking learners to provide deeper feedback on the content and on whether and how they apply training in their work. There will inevitably be learners who notice outdated or unclear content. Some might even take issue with a quiz question or response. These are all valuable insights.

Soliciting feedback may create more work for training developers, but it will pay off by improving the quality, and thus the effectiveness, of the training. In fact, simply by involving learners in improving the training, you're likely to see an increase in training effectiveness.

3. Mix it up with new training formats

It's easy to get into a training rut, producing courses using the same templates and same training approach. But learners are more likely to engage with and remember training content if they can access it in a variety of formats.

Spark engagement with new approaches. For example, add eLearning elements to reinforce instructor-led training, creating a blended learning solution. Incorporate short videos and other microlearning elements into your LMS-based training library to provide learners with multimodal training options. Ensure learners can access content on mobile devices so they can easily refer back to training, whether they're at home or on the job.

Adding options that make training appealing and easy to use—no matter when or how the learner accesses it—is a stellar way to boost training effectiveness.

Take training & results to the next level

According to LinkedIn Learning's "2019 Workplace Learning Report," 74% of learners want to learn during their spare time at work. By improving your training offerings, you're both providing what they want and encouraging growth, increasing the likelihood they'll remain with your organization. Accurate, engaging training is more effective training. And as your training effectiveness improves, results are sure to follow.

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