Benefits of Employee Training & Development Programs for Part-Time Workers

Benefits of Employee Training & Development Programs for Part-Time Workers


Part-time work has become more common over the years. In 2019, almost 27 million people in the United States worked part-time, reported Statista, compared to just over 20 million in 1990. It's likely these part-time employees play an integral role in the success of your organization.

To tap the full potential of part-time employees, encourage them to participate in your learning and development culture. A scalable learning management system is the ideal tool to welcome part-timers into your broader team while giving them the keys to their own success.

Here are three benefits of employee training and development programs for part-time workers.

1. Retain skills & talent

In a tight labor market, companies must become competitive. This applies not only to satisfying customers, but also keeping top talent in-house. Thus, retention is important not only for your full-time employees, but your part-time employees, as well.

Part-time employees are no different than their full-time counterparts in that both types of workers want to learn and grow professionally. By using your L&D training to provide identifiable paths to advancement within the organization, your part-time employees will appreciate your investment in them. You can then determine who is ready for their next career step by monitoring and tracking employee development through your LMS.

2. Welcome employees new to the workforce

As the labor market tightens, it can be difficult to break into the job market today.

Where full-time, traditional jobs may seem out of reach to some less experienced workers, venturing into the workforce through a part-time position could be a gateway to a more conventional role. With those part-time employees new to the workforce, training and development can improve with basic job skills, such as digital technology, oral and written communication and critical thinking—giving them the necessary foundation to excel within your organization.

3. Create a team environment

Often, part-time employees may not feel as if they're part of the work team. They might not participate in benefit programs or receive paid holidays and vacation.

To make part-time workers feel like team members, incorporate them in your L&D strategy. Whether you train them for industry compliance controls or project-specific skills, by including your part-time employees, you're giving them the right tools so they can contribute more significantly to the company. That's a win-win across the board.

Don't forget about the benefits of employee training and development programs for part-time employees when deciding how to train your team. Sign up for a quick demo to see how Absorb LMS delivers engaging training to your part-time employees and other learners.

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