Online Employee Training Software

Online Employee Training Software

Support your team's growth and development with Absorb LMS—the award-winning online employee training software turning businesses into industry leaders across every sector and time zone. From your new employee orientation program to meeting regulatory compliance training standards, Absorb LMS keeps company training on track and people moving forward. It's the most reliable LMS to:

  • Increase employee retention
  • Boost productivity
  • Close employee skill gaps
  • Reduce admin workload


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Absorb enabled us to have a 24/7 learning environment and we've reduced our training costs.

Sarah Dewar
Michael Garron Hospital

Engage Employees From Day One

Providing easy-to-use, engaging web-based training software sets employees up for success from day one. Committed to quality but driven by innovation, Absorb LMS brings new hires up to speed faster, then uses AI to customize the learner experience for each employee. 

Delivering your new hire training plan with Absorb LMS fuels employee confidence and productivity. Not only is it the most intuitive online employee training software—but with both the administrator and learner interfaces designed to meet WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards—it's also one of the most accessible. With scalable features and powerful AI, it's clear how Absorb LMS earned its reputation as the go-to learning solution for online onboarding for new hires. In fact, BeyondTrust scaled from 100 learners to over 16,000 while managing to reduce manual processes by 60% after implementing Absorb LMS. If you're looking for a better way to onboard new hires and build a strong culture of continuous learning and development in your organization, you're looking for Absorb LMS.


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Benefits of Online Employee Training

Log on from Anywhere
Log on from Anywhere
Give new hires the flexibility to take online employee training when and where it's most convenient—on any desktop, laptop or mobile device they choose.
Engaging user experiences
Engaging user experiences
Empower employees to add to their skill sets with individualized learning paths and specialized learning experiences designed to unleash an individual's potential.
Stay Ready for Growth
Stay Ready for Growth
Scale online training for employees to meet organizational needs without sacrificing the quality of learning—or giving your LMS admins more work.

How Absorb LMS Makes Online Employee Training More Effective

With Absorb LMS, online employee training becomes a valuable tool for establishing an organizational culture of learning. You can customize the user experience, design, reporting and dashboards to fit the needs of every team. AI-powered features predict which training employees are likely to need and then connects them to it—even if it's in the middle of a video course. All of these features add up to an enjoyable learning experience that's second to none, empowering employees to succeed within your organization.


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Why is employee onboarding so important?

Studies suggest that the quality of a company's employee onboarding procedures can make a significant impact on its bottom line:

employee turnover
Up to 40% of employees who don't feel properly trained leave within a year.

Source: HR Exchange Network
Losing an employee costs a company an average of $15,000 in lost productivity.

Source: Work Institute
76.8% of all employee turnover is preventable.

Source: Work Institute
employee retention
Well-trained team members are up to 82% more likely to remain with their current employer.
Source: Glassdoor
Employees are up to 70% more productive after undergoing formal training.

Source: Glassdoor

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Delivering Online Employee Training Doesn't Have to be Complicated

It takes more than understanding the complexities of onboarding new hires to build the best LMS for employee training—it takes commitment to simplifying them. Absorb LMS has all the features and functionalities you'd expect from award-winning onboarding software, except it doesn't take a dedicated eLearning expert use it. Whether you're training one hundred employees or one hundred thousand, with everyone under one roof or many, Absorb LMS uses automation and artificial intelligence to scale learning at SMBs and global corporations alike.

Why is Absorb LMS the best employee training software?

Absorb LMS supports the growth and development of over 13 million learners across 29 countries—serving multinational enterprises, high-traffic restaurant chains, hospitals, universities and hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses. 

Customer Service

Customer Service

  • Our In-house support staff provides top-notch customer service 24/7/365. Absorb customers can also work directly with a Client Success Manager and Representatives or our Client Advocacy team.

  • The Absorb Academy provides dedicated training tutorials, tips and tricks to help LMS administrators get up to speed on-demand.

  • Switching to a new LMS is easy with Absorb. We can provide assistance with data migration, client-side development, and implementation.

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compliance training

Security and Compliance

  • Security is a top priority for every organization. Absorb is proud to be GDPR compliant, and we maintain the highest standards in privacy and data security.

  • Absorb has passed the SOC 2 Type 2 examination for Security and Availability. We also provide eSignatures and records to assist with your own compliance needs.

  • Absorb LMS is designed to help everyone learn new skills. We are WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.0 compliant and take pride as a leader in WCAG among LMS providers.

extended features

Extended Features

  • The Absorb LMS mobile app is available for free on compatible iOS and Android device. The app supports offline learning, so employees can access resources at any time.

  • Absorb LMS with Create LI makes it easy to create lessons directly in Absorb. Interactive videos, hotspots, quizzes, collaborative tools and more allow for engaging interactive learning content.

  • Absorb LMS supports several standard integrations, learning libraries, and authoring formats such as Zoom, LinkedIn Learning, and SCORM, respectively. Absorb's Restful API allows you to connect Absorb to other systems as well.

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