Fast-Track Your Way to Reskilling and Upskilling with HSI

Fast-Track Your Way to Reskilling and Upskilling with HSI


Kara MacInnes


The top priority for learning and development pros in 2021 is reskilling and upskilling, according to a recent report by LinkedIn Learning. Encourage your people to stay and provide opportunities to learn, grow and advance their careers, with help from HSI's award-winning eLearning content library.

Today's employees pursue continuous learning opportunities that allow them to grow and evolve. While an agile LMS can help you quickly deliver training, it's the courses themselves that instill knowledge and fuel a learner's ongoing transformation.

Loaded with hundreds of captivating online courses, HSI helps learners grow and advance, build confidence, sharpen leadership skills and find greater fulfillment in their work. And for LMS administrators, it's simple to find, upload and publish courses from HSI to Absorb LMS.

Grow a Learning Culture With On-the-Job Training

Set your workers up for success by training them on the job and prioritizing hands-on, real-world exercises. Many HSI courses keep the 70:20:10 reference model in mind; if you haven't heard of the model, the breakdown goes like this:

  • 70% of learning happens on the job,
  • 20% happens through other people and
  • 10% occurs through formal training.

It's a powerful tool used by many organizations to strengthen workplace resilience, increase and retain knowledge, elevate skills and invigorate a culture of continuous learning. And at the user level, it encourages learners to seek new opportunities, reskill, upskill and achieve their full potential.

HSI courses align with the 70:20:10 rule by offering learners tutorial videos, downloadable job aids and safety exercises to build skills faster. And because HSI courses are mobile-optimized, learners can quickly access training from their smartphones, anytime it's needed.

Unleash Your Employees' Full Potential

Arm your people with the skills and knowledge they need to lead others, boost confidence in their work and advance their careers. Learn more about Absorb's eLearning content partners and how easy it is to upload ready-made courses to Absorb LMS.

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