Mobile Learning LMS: Learn Everywhere with Absorb

Mobile Learning LMS: Learn Everywhere with Absorb

Take your mobile eLearning strategy to the next level with Absorb LMS and empower your people to learn anywhere, whether they're working in the field or on the go. The Absorb LMS mobile app keeps your learners on track using powerful features like AI technology, intuitive and customized design options, and time-saving automated enrollments and notifications. Ensure your learners have access to relevant training and information, whenever and wherever they need it.


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Absorb LMS mobile app

Optimize Training for mLearning

Research shows that engaged employees are more productive and stay with companies longer. A mobile eLearning or "mLearning" solution can help boost learner engagement, but not every app is built with users in mind. Fortunately, the Absorb LMS mobile app—the most user-centric mobile learning management system app on the market—is designed with a modern user experience at the forefront and works seamlessly on smartphones and tablets. Keep learners tuned in by breaking long content up into bite-sized microlearning lessons.

Improve Flexibility
Improve Flexibility
Ensure learners can access mobile eLearning courses and materials from anywhere. The Absorb LMS app is available on both iOS and Android devices and has offline sync.
Boost Engagement
Boost Engagement
Keep mobile learning on track with automated reminders on the devices learners are already using, and ultimately capture more course completions.
Fuel Collaboration
Fuel Collaboration
Tap the communicative nature of mobile devices as part of your broader mobile learning strategy to inspire deeper collaboration among your learners.

Drive Speed and Flexibility with Mobile Learning

Your learners need access to reliable information at all times and from any device. Absorb LMS is the best mobile learning management system for the job—its innovative, advanced LMS technology makes training easier and more convenient for everyone. For instance, have you ever wanted to skip right to the information you're looking for in a video? Absorb Pinpoint uses AI and natural language processing to power automated transcripts and makes searching within videos possible. Need to keep training on schedule? Absorb LMS users will automatically receive push notifications whenever there's a new course to complete. The Absorb Learn mobile LMS for iOS and Android is accessible online and offline, helping learners access quick answers from anywhere. On top of all that, learners enjoy a beautiful, customized interface that's as intuitive as their favorite social media apps.

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Absorb mobile LMS and AI

How is mobile learning changing L&D strategies?

Research tells us that organizations need a clear mobile learning strategy to be more successful. Check out these mobile learning trends:

mobile training
64% of workers prefer training materials to be accessible via mobile devices. 

Source: Course Method
increased employee engagement
72% of users report an increase in engagement with mobile learning. 

Source: Course Method
mobile elearners study longer
Mobile eLearners typically study for 40 minutes longer per week than students using a PC.

Source: Capterra
higher completion rates
Harvard Business School's reported completion rates of 85% and up after incorporating mobile learning solutions into their online training programs.

Source: The Harvard Crimson
mobile instruction
A Merrill Lynch survey showed that 99% of participants said that mobile instruction supported their learning.

faster completion on mobile
Smartphone users can complete training materials as much as 45% more quickly than other learners without any adverse effects on assessment performance.


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Why is Absorb LMS the best choice for mobile learning?

Absorb LMS is a powerful, scalable mobile learning management solution that supports organizations of all shapes, sizes and industries. Customers rely on Absorb LMS to build and grow their mobile learning strategies and ultimately boost learner engagement. The robust, award-winning LMS is powered by support that's unmatched in the industry. Using cloud-based infrastructure and a modern technology stack, Absorb LMS updates frequently and seamlessly, eliminating the need to wait for next year's software release to enjoy the most innovative features.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg—here are even more reasons to choose Absorb LMS for your mobile learning software:

Customer Service

Customer Service

  • Modern businesses run 24/7/365, and your organization may need customer support at any time. Absorb mobile LMS includes in-house support that's ready to assist you. 

  • Create mobile courses that fit your organization's specific needs or tap the dedicated Absorb Learning Solutions Services team for support. Already have mLearning courses? Easily add them to Absorb LMS. 

  • LMS administrators can quickly get answers to a variety of product features via the Absorb LMS Help Desk and Absorb Academy. Need some more help? Tap our in-house support team at any time.

compliance training


  • Give learners the ability to access training on the go while knowing their information is secure. Absorb LMS meets SOC 2 Security and Availability standards, ensuring everyone's data stays protected.

  • Your learners deserve an accessible mobile learning solution. Absorb LMS is an industry leader in WCAG 2.0 standards, which means everyone receives access to the same top-notch instructional materials.

  • Secure server clusters around the world share the load so you can count on 99% uptime, high performance and reliable protection for users on all devices.


Extended Features

  • Don't let password memorization spoil a great mLearning experience. The Absorb LMS mobile app allows learners to access learning with a single set of log-in credentials via Single Sign On (SSO) functionality.

  • The Absorb Learn mobile app supports a variety of course file types, like SCORM, xAPI (Tin Can), MP4 videos, PDF files, Assessment files and more.

  • Out-of-the-box integrations with services like Salesforce, ADP and Zoom mean you can continue to use critical business tools while supporting mobile eLearning. Absorb LMS can connect with virtually any system via API. 

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Establish an Organization-Wide
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Your learners naturally look to their phone for answers, so meet them where they are. Simplify the complexity of mobile learning with Absorb LMS and reap the rewards of on-the-go eLearning.


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