Mobile eLearning Best Practices for the Modern Learner

Mobile eLearning Best Practices for the Modern Learner

The current technological revolution, combined with the COVID-19 pandemic, dynamically impacted how we learn, work and communicate. Because of this, modern learners must engage in lifelong learning to adapt at work both today and well into the future.

In catering to the modern learner, learning and development professionals are consistently challenged to not only train for the skills of today and tomorrow, but they must also make learning engaging, immersive and available on demand. Following some basic mobile eLearning best practices can help you meet the needs of the modern learner.

1. Understand your learners

Implementing an impactful mobile eLearning strategy starts with knowing what's effective for your learners. You need to understand which eLearning strategies resonate for long-term results.

There's no doubt learners today are more social, collaborative and mobile than in previous years. A recent LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report shows over half of all surveyed learners value more collaborative and social environments, both in-person and online.

Learners across all generations are mobile, social and collaborative, and demand that their learning styles accommodate their lifestyles.

Pro tip:To better understand your learners, leverage a learning management system (LMS) that delivers short surveys to mobile users. Ask them which learning styles they favor, then get instant feedback and insights.

2. Offer autonomous eLearning

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, modern learners wanted to familiarize themselves with new information at their own pace. In fact, over a third of all surveyed learners desired independent, self-directed learning, according to the LinkedIn report.

Now that schedules are shifting and workers are taking on different responsibilities, the need for independent, flexible mobile eLearning is greater than before the pandemic. Mobile eLearning should offer autonomy and give modern learners the freedom to learn when they want.

Pro tip:Weave personalized learning paths into your mobile learning initiatives. This empowers your learners to work at their own pace from anywhere, while also following an established route to keep them on track.

3. Create an intuitive experience

One of the most critical mobile eLearning best practices is creating a friction-free learning experience. Your modern learners expect an intuitive, easy experience and turn to their mobile devices for quick answers.

Lessons should be short, engaging and focused on answering one question. Once learners complete a lesson or course, make it clear which actions they should take next—whether it be completing a comprehension quiz, virtually sharing their findings with other learners or applying the skill directly in the flow of work.Whatever it is, don't leave your learners guessing or fumbling through a clunky interface.

Pro tip:Modern learners don't have time to waste on cumbersome login processes. Enable learners to easily access mobile learning with single-sign-on support.

4. Mitigate disruptions

There's nothing more frustrating than spotty internet prohibiting progress. Don't let unreliable internet thwart headway among your mobile learners.

With mobile eLearning, learners don't always need an internet connection to access important content. For example, the Absorb Learn mobile app enables learners to access training offline. Once they get back on the grid, they can sync their progress.

Pro tip:Tap an eLearning mobile app with reliable performance uptime. Internet connectivity aside, a system with an excellent history of uptime empowers progress among your learners.

By incorporating mobile eLearning best practices, L&D professionals can prepare learners and organizations for what's ahead and empower adaptation.

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