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February 14, 2012

`No Pain, No Gain' Belongs in the Gym, Not in Learning and Development Departments


`No pain, no gain,' is a popular fitness industry maxim. Oddly, this belief creeps into other areas of our lives. The result is that we often think that sweating through something makes it better. [That's crazy.] In many organizations, the time and effort required to register learners, assign them to the correct course or curriculum, support them with good communication, track their progress, provide them with certificates, and manage future re-certification requirements makes learning administration painful. If you're doing all these tasks manually using spreadsheets and pen and paper, it's no wonder the effort is high. The good news is that adopting the right learning technologies will act as an analgesic; reducing your pain significantly. If you've moved beyond manual pen-and-paper learning administration and are now using a learning management system (LMS), administering learning may still be a bit painful. The system you're using may not be well aligned with your requirements. We've just published a document that describes how Absorb LMS is designed to make the management of learning less painful. It's available for download here. Share it with friends!