Absorb Software Launches Absorb Infuse, a Breakthrough for Learning In the Flow of Work


Calgary, Alberta (April 9, 2019) – Absorb Software, maker of Absorb Learning Management System (LMS) is forging new ground in the corporate learning space with the introduction of Absorb Infuse, a next generation learning experience that empowers customers to deliver contextual learning experiences in the flow of work. The launch of Absorb Infuse positions the company to take a leadership role in the learn in the flow movement, and is yet another way Absorb is positioning itself for continued growth following the strategic investment of Silversmith Capital.

Industry thought leader, Josh Bersin, coined "learning in the flow of work," and describes its appeal:

"Learning in the flow of work is a new idea: it recognizes that for learning to really happen, it must fit around and align itself to working days and working lives. Rather than think of corporate learning as a destination, it's now becoming something that comes to us. Through good design thinking and cutting-edge technology, we can build solutions and experiences that make learning almost invisible in our jobs."

With the launch of its ultimate in the flow solution, Absorb Software is at the forefront of eLearning technology that equips businesses to overcome the uncertainty surrounding the future of work. From skill gaps and a changing workforce, to employee retention, channel education and compliance, the learn in the flow capabilities of Absorb Infuse offer a deep and flexible solution for these modern workforce challenges.

"While there is a spectrum of in the flow learning experiences, from simple Single Sign-On (SSO) to deeper custom API's, Absorb Infuse takes it still farther," says Absorb CEO Mike Owens. "It delivers rich, customized in the flow learning experiences directly embedded in each customer's native systems and processes. It's truly unique in the market and is a very exciting advance for corporate learning." Absorb Infuse is already gaining traction in the market, with customers planning innovative ways to advance organizational learning and drive efficiencies by pinpointing microlearning opportunities at the precise moment of need.

Owens continued, "Absorb Infuse allows you to put your training anywhere, which really means we enable training that meets you where you are. We recognize that training no longer needs to happen as a separate activity in a separate application; rather, it's becoming a holistic experience that empowers learning everywhere."


About Absorb Software

Absorb Software is a learning technology company based in Calgary, Alberta Canada, with subsidiaries in England, Ireland, Australia, China and the United States. The Absorb flagship product, Absorb LMS, is an industry-leading and award-winning Learning Management System for businesses, higher education, government and non-profit agencies around the world. Learn more at www.absorblms.com, or follow the company on LinkedInFacebook, or Twitter.

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