Litmus Unleashes Untethered Sales Training with Absorb LMS



Meet the Client

Litmus provides an all-in-one email marketing solution to organizations around the world. The company helps more than 700,000 marketers quickly build, preview, test and track email campaigns all within one centralized application. Users love the seamless production process, increased collaboration and scalability that Litmus offers them.

The Challenge

Litmus is in a high-growth phase and is growing rapidly, by roughly 40% each year. With a dispersed and remote sales team, the company needed a fast and flexible training solution that would enable their sales team and accelerate business growth.

Solution Overview

Prior to joining Litmus, Bill Petersen—the company’s head of sales enablement—had used Absorb LMS at two other organizations; he loved the learner and admin experience and wanted to use it for Litmus’s sales training. Absorb LMS now provides Litmus’s sales team with the tools, skills and flexibility they need to be successful; and supports the company’s three-week, onboarding bootcamp, which combines in-person and online training.

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Knowing there’s someone who has your back and makes time to listen is important to me, and that’s why I keep coming back to Absorb.
Bill Petersen, Litmus

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