Get Instant ROI with LMS Content Libraries

Get Instant ROI with LMS Content Libraries


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If you're a Learning Management System (LMS) administrator, you understand the importance of great learning content. Creating engaging content takes time, curating it can be stressful, and keeping it maintained is a lot of work. So, there's got to be a better way, right?

Tap an LMS Content Library

That's where content libraries come in. They enable LMS users to populate their platforms with ready-to-go courses in a host of areas, available for specific industry verticals and organizational roles. This makes getting up and running with new training program take a matter of minutes, versus weeks or months of curriculum development if you do it on your own. It also enables LMS administrators, training and HR leads to demonstrate a return on investment ROI from day one. If your company has significant needs unique to your organization, look for a system that accommodates both customized AND library content. Combining personalized content with pre-made courses provides the agility of premade content, with tailored content specific to your needs. Definitely look for this feature in your next system if you're lacking it now.

Benefits of Content Libraries

There are a wide variety of benefits for launching a training program using a content library. For starters, you can execute your training strategy faster by saving time creating and curating your content. Seamless access to pre-built and pre-validated content makes it easy to roll out engaging eLearning that's available in just a few clicks. With a broad range of topics and formats that keep learners engaged, you'll cut content development and maintenance costs out of the picture. And with a library selection that's constantly refreshed, you can reduce the risk of fines, especially useful for organizations managing compliance training mandates that seemingly change with the wind. Productivity gains are a big benefit as well, both from training improvements and from replacing in-person, instructor-led courses with online learning equivalents. In-house trainers get valuable time back in their schedules by decreasing travel, training and the associated expenses. Just one example for the medical industry, staff can shift time formerly spent training colleagues to direct patient care—putting the most seasoned practitioners on the front lines with patients. Quality and convenience are other factors. You can trust content libraries to deliver just what you need when you need it. With mobile-ready courses covering a wide range of skill-development topics like business skills, HR compliance, sales, workplace safety and more, your learning and development strategy has never looked stronger.

Absorb LMS: Get Courses at Your Fingertips

For those seeking a new LMS with robust course library content, Absorb LMS offers customers thousands of pre-built courses covering a broad range of topics and formats. Regardless of your industry vertical or learning needs, our engaging and instantly available content has you covered. You don't need any special technical knowledge and system admins will find everything they need right in the admin interface. Admins can seamlessly add any of the lessons in the Absorb LMS platform and have users enrolled within minutes. Then, begin to measure effectiveness using available analytics.

How to Get Started

Ready to get going? Customers can contact their Absorb Client Success Manager or our Support team. Not yet a client, but want to see more? Request a demo today!

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