Mister Car Wash Decreases Turnover Rates 20% and Streamlines Training with Absorb LMS

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  • CLIENT: Mister Car Wash
  • INDUSTRY: Automotive
  • USE CASE: Internal Employee Training
  • JOBS HELPED WITH: Creating a Learning Environment for Talent Acquisition & Development
  • SOLUTION: Absorb LMS with Absorb Engage


Meet the Client

Mister Car Wash holds the position of the largest car wash company in the United States, with over 400 locations nationwide. Notably, it was the first provider in the industry to offer a subscription car wash program and prides itself on prioritizing quality, speed, and providing customers with a memorable experience.

Pain Points

Before Mister Car Wash’s partnership with Absorb LMS, these were some of the pain points the company was experiencing: 

  • Inconsistent customer experience due to varying levels of employee training
  • Room for improvement in customer satisfaction scores
  • High employee turnover rates influenced by lack of standardized training and professional development opportunities
  • Compliance issues and potential legal risks due to lack of regulated training and documentation

Customer Experience Story Overview


As Mister Car Wash expanded from a small business to an industry leader, the company realized that solely relying on on-the-ground knowledge and their site managers’ ability to convey the correct information to new hires was not the most efficient way to maintain consistent and regulated training across all locations. 


With the help of Absorb LMS, Mister Car Wash created a learning and development training program called Mister Learn. Built and delivered in Absorb LMS, Mister Learn delivers structured onboarding, professional development opportunities, and on-the-job training for 7,000+ users of both headquarters and field staff.

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[Absorb LMS] was particularly valuable for new hires, who undergo 5-8 days of training that includes 5–10-minute micro-learning courses designed to target performance objectives.
Jenny Merritt, Director of Learning & Development, Mister Car Wash

What’s Next

Even being recognized with a silver medal in the category “Best Hybrid Learning Programme” at the esteemed 2022 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards, Mister Car Wash has its sights set firmly on the future.

One exciting initiative the Mister Car Wash team is looking forward to is adopting the Skillsoft integration for Absorb LMS, which will give employees access to an even broader range of training materials, covering strategic areas such as leadership, compliance, soft skills, and more. This will further enable Mister Car Wash to provide their teams with the best training and development opportunities, thereby creating a culture of growth, learning, and success.

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