MedTrainer Integration

Meeting regulatory compliance requirements is important for every business, but it could be life or death in the healthcare sector. The MedTrainer integration for Absorb LMS ensures healthcare organizations have access to up-to-date training materials on a broad range of subjects across many disciplines.

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MedTrainer offers a catalog of over 500 courses kept accurate and up to date by more than 300 subject matter experts spanning both clinical and non-clinical functions. From patient privacy and security to internal policies and procedures, bringing the MedTrainer content library to Absorb LMS is the best way to ensure your bases are covered.

Key Features of MedTrainer

Meet Compliance Standards

Meet Compliance Standards

MedTrainer covers everything you need for OSHA/HIPAA compliance, and more.

Deploy Microlearning Courses

Deploy Microlearning Courses

Microlearning courses help healthcare workers fit training into their busy schedules.

Train Clinical And Non-Clinical Staff

Train Clinical And Non-Clinical Staff

Promote growth and compliance across every role in your organization.

FAQs about MedTrainer integration

What topics are included in MedTrainer’s content library?  

MedTrainer provides both clinical and non-clinical staff with courses spanning a broad range of topics, including OSHA, CMS, HIPAA, Long Term Care, Rehabilitation, Mental Health, Skill Building, Accreditation, Management, and more.

How often are MedTrainer courses updated?  

MedTrainer courses are updated as needed to ensure the material covered is accurate and reflects current regulatory compliance standards.

Does MedTrainer accredit healthcare organizations?  

No, the majority of accrediting organizations are approved by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). MedTrainer provides all the tools needed to manage learning, compliance and credentialing documentation.

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