How Absorb LMS Helps Ensure the Certification of an Entire Hospital Staff


The Customer

A large university hospital.

The Challenges

Some of the key challenges they sought to overcome were:

  • Integration with an antiquated HRIS system
  • Limited resources for manual processes
  • Annual recertifications for hundreds of employees
  • External practitioners that required training

The Solutions

For all challenges, Absorb LMS provided the perfect solution.

Integration with an old HRIS system

Absorb LMS offers integrations not only via an API (which is an ideal solution for modern platforms) but also through regularly scheduled .csv syncs. Using a .csv sync integration allowed the client to send a daily course completion data export from Absorb and automatically import it, directly into their antiquated HRIS system.

Limited resources for manual processes

Like many businesses, this particular hospital was constrained by the personnel resources they were able to allocate to their training and development programs. This meant they needed to get the most out their team through the utilization of smarter processes. Absorb LMS allowed them to build automated certification and recertification course enrollment workflows to ensure their entire staff was trained properly and on-time.

In addition to the automated workflows, Absorb's Mass Actions feature allowed for quick and easy edits to large groups of users in a fraction of the time of many learning management systems. These Mass Actions include enrollments, grouping, messaging, amongst several other options.

Annual recertification for hundreds of employees

Through automated enrollments and certification expirations, they were able to automatically enroll, notify, and track the progress of hundreds of employees as they renewed their training year after year with the efforts of a single administrator.

External practitioners that required training

Not everyone the hospital required training and certification from were an employee from their HRIS system. Some physicians utilized the facility on occasion but were technically employed elsewhere. To ensure these practitioners completed their training, the administrator utilized the Absorb LMS Enrollment Key feature. This feature allowed external practitioners to login, enroll in the proper course, and begin training by simply clicking on a unique link provided by the LMS administrator.

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