Skillsoft Integration

With over 120,000 content modules, Skillsoft is a global leader in eLearning. Meet all your training needs across departments and roles with original content in 20 languages, flawlessly integrated with Absorb LMS. Content is backed by on-staff experts with a track record of delivering impressive business impact.

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Choose from the Skillsoft course catalog that features a variety of different categories including leadership development, business skills training, digital transformation training, digital skills training, tech and IT solutions, compliance training and more.

Key Features of Skillsoft

Drive Real ROI

Drive Real ROI

Get an immediate ROI by combining proven learning technology with best-in-class course content.

Get Seamless Integration

Get Seamless Integration

Save time and money via seamless integrations with your existing systems.

Simplify Training And Reporting

Simplify Training And Reporting

Enroll, train and report on your learners with one integrated solution.

FAQs about Skillsoft integration

Can I use my own courses if I also use Skillsoft content?

Yes of course. Blend your own learning materials with content from Skillsoft to get the best of both worlds.

Is there a maximum number of courses I can import?

Not at all! Tap as many of the Skillsoft learning modules as you want.

What kind of expertise does Skillsoft bring to course creation?

Skillsoft courses are created by tenured experts in their fields, part of the over $75 Million Skillsoft spends annually in R&D.

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