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Make it easy to sell online courses with our fully integrated LMS eCommerce module. From discounts to preferred pricing, to a simple tax setup, we have the perfect solution for course sales.

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Generate Faster Revenue

A free, fully integrated eCommerce shopping cart comes standard with every instance of Absorb LMS. With over 70 different payment gateways to choose from, you can select the gateway that works best for your eCommerce business. If you're switching LMS providers, our broad selection of payment gateways means your switch will be as seamless as possible. Oh, and did we mention that we're PCI Compliant?

Why Choose Absorb LMS for eCommerce?

Bulk Sales Course

Bulk Sales Course

Want to sell multiple seats in a single course to a single buyer? No problem. Our dynamically generated Enrollment Keys enable single purchasers to buy course enrollments for their entire team, then keeps track of their unique enrollments for you.

Tap Smart Pricing and Inventories

Tap Smart Pricing and Inventories

Absorb LMS eCommerce enables you to set your course price at a flat rate, or include it as one of the many features that can be intelligently targeted through our Availability Rules and Department structure. Intelligently targeted pricing means you can charge members less than non-members, or show additional courses for purchase to a selected audience.

Sell Online Courses

Sell Online Courses

Get everything you need to market, deliver, track and sell online courses with the Absorb LMS eCommerce Module. The intuitive, highly configurable interface makes it easy to keep everything in line with your brand—including the user experience. Market your courses with custom descriptions, discounted bundles and even distribute coupon codes.

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Get Hassle-Free Customer Transactions

The fewer barriers you place in front of your customers, the more likely you'll make your sale. To help reduce any friction, our LMS eCommerce integration empowers you to accept a wide variety of payment methods, sell multiple course licenses in a single purchase, offer promotional pricing, automate discounts for preferred customers, and even give you the ability to charge your global customers in their local currency. Potential customers can also access the course library to shop without requiring an account to access the LMS.

Our Customers

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Absorb provides a very clean and professional user interface which accurately presents the Dale Carnegie image to its customers.
Dan Heffernan, General Manager Dale Carnegie Digital

FAQs about Absorb LMS eCommerce

Do you offer third-party integrations for eCommerce?

Yes. Customers can use the Absorb eCommerce module which comes standard with Absorb LMS, or integrate other third-party eCommerce platforms--or even an eCommerce module you built yourself. Talk to a representative for more information.

What global eCommerce features does Absorb offer?

Absorb offers international servers in Australia, China, Ireland, the United States and Canada, as well as the ability to manage multiple currencies.

Does Absorb charge a transaction commission?

No. All your transactions are entirely free of any commission to us.

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