Why You Should Establish an eCommerce LMS

Why You Should Establish an eCommerce LMS

eCommerce has unquestionably reshaped how we sell and buy goods and services. According to eMarketer, this global industry will grow to almost $5 trillion by 2021, with Asian-Pacific countries, like China, India and the Philippines, dominating the market.

And there's no exception for delivering learning and development when it comes to the internet. Selling courses online allows organizations to deliver learning efficiently across geographic borders while boosting business revenue and enhancing the learner's experience. With an eCommerce LMS, you can satisfy demands for lifelong career learning while managing your platform in one convenient location.

Reaping the benefits

By offering an eCommerce platform through your LMS, you can sell your courses online, thereby overcoming impediments often presented with in-person training. With an eCommerce learning management system, you can sell eLearning courses, webinars or events to a global audience, erasing the geographical borders that sometimes limit learning and development. The ease and flexibility of the platform can also help you increase sales because learners can tune into your courses at any time of the day—and on their preferred devices.

Using an eCommerce platform also enables you to manage your L&D offerings from one place. No more jumping from website to website to orchestrate your L&D. With an eCommerce system, you can create an eCommerce presence that is intuitively user-friendly for you and your learners.

Overcoming in-person training hurdles

An eCommerce LMS platform can help you overcome in-person training obstacles, helping you find a scalable, efficient and fiscally advantageous L&D tool.

First, an eCommerce LMS system reduces costs for your organization and your learners. When offering in-person training, costs for training space, travel and time away from work adds up for presenters and attendees. By offering eCommerce-driven training and development, learning can occur anywhere, even when it's led by instructors.

Also, eCommerce learning and development can be scalable, which may be more cumbersome to achieve when training in-person. An LMS platform allows you to customize and scale content across geographic borders while focusing on the specific objectives of learners.

For example, Global eTraining, a leading global provider of on-demand corporate training solutions for architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing companies achieved explosive growth using the Absorb eCommerce LMS platform allowing them to serve tens of thousands of learners in 154 countries.

Plus, the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, an evidence-based leader in chiropractic education and research, now has graduates practicing in 37 countries and is recognized as a global leader in chiropractic education, research and patient care through the use of the Absorb eCommerce LMS platform.

eCommerce platforms also allow you to stay compliant when offering training that is mandated by legislation or policy, such as privacy or anti-harassment training. With multiple compliance tools, such as deadline trackers, eSignatures and reporting analytics, an LMS platform empowers you to gather the necessary information needed for compliance and governance while removing the occurrence of human error sometimes related to in-person and manually managed learning and development.

Partner with experts in LMS eCommerce

By using an eCommerce LMS platform, you can drive organizational growth and boost administrative efficiencies, all while enhancing the learning experience and eliminating the hurdles of in-person training sessions. If you're implementing a new LMS strategy or want to update your current platform to include an eCommerce integration, learn what LMS requirements you'll need to enhance your learners' experience.

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