Measure, Evaluate and Compare Data-Driven Insights with Absorb Analyze

Measure, Evaluate and Compare Data-Driven Insights with Absorb Analyze

Powered by data, Absorb Analyze is the next evolution of Absorb LMS reporting. With Absorb Analyze, gain deeper insight into your learning program and the path between learner data and business results. This business intelligence solution equips organizations with tailor made interactive reports to visualize trends while helping your business make informed decisions.

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Absorb analyze lms business intelligence tool

Full-Service LMS Business Intelligence

Your business is unique, and so are your reporting needs. Absorb Analyze equips teams to work smarter, giving organizations the insight to drive both learning and business outcomes through real-time reporting. Absorb Analyze is a customized reporting solution that gives your business the ability to act on your LMS data like never before.


It's the best LMS business intelligence tool to:

  • Measure the impact of your training programs
  • Identify trends and effectiveness of your training programs
  • Create reports and charts to analyze engagement data in new and unique ways
  • Set alerts for when measures and data cross thresholds so you can take action
  • And so much more

Key Benefits of Absorb Analyze

Ad-Hoc Reporting

Advanced reporting capabilities with Absorb Analyze give you more control than ever before. Colorful charts and graphs bring data to life with advanced data visualization, letting you focus on data that matters.

Deeper Analysis

Learning programs generate vast amounts of data. With Absorb Analyze, you can easily collect and examine all of that information. It lets you visualize how your programs are performing and how they connect to other areas of the business.

Simplified Analysis

With Absorb Analyze, you don't need to be a business intelligence expert. The tool makes it easy for you to analyze learner progress and performance, quickly pulling the results you need to move forward.

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FAQs about Absorb Analyze

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