Enhance Employee Development and Training with Absorb LMS

Enhance Employee Development and Training with Absorb LMS

If the best employee development programs give future leaders a path forward, Absorb LMS is their map, compass and GPS—tracking where they are and taking them where they want to be. It shifts skills training from feeling like a chore to an opportunity to grow, from an obstacle to a competitive edge.

At the end of the day, the most effective learning and development strategy is always the most realistic. Employees are busy, and if training doesn't fit into their day it often gets skipped. Absorb LMS uses powerful AI to make learning simple, keeping knowledge flowing and available on-demand.


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We have a robust employee development program—goal setting, employee evaluation—Absorb makes it possible for us to monitor growth.

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Employee Development Software for Continuous Learning

Absorb LMS empowers organizations to deliver an employee development program that meets the needs and standards of every learner. Its modern design includes an intuitive dashboard with multi-language support and is in full accordance with WCAG 2.0 standards, making your online employee development program as inclusive as it is effective.  

With Absorb LMS, you can train at scale, equipping employees with the reskilling they need for productivity and compliance and the upskilling they desire for career growth. A&W Canada used Absorb to standardize training for over 45,000 employees across 900 locations, including a Management Development Program for staff members seeking upward mobility. As an introduction to the workforce for many of its employees, they know how important it is to choose the right online employee development software—read the full story to find out why Absorb LMS is the clear choice.


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Benefits of Employee Development Programs

Fuel employee growth
Fuel employee growth
Customize continuous learning programs at individual and group levels, keeping the path forward clear and accessible for any employee wanting to grow.
Guide decision-making
Guide decision-making
Use employee development tracking to measure what's working and where there's room for improvement— driving informed workforce decisions.
Build a learning culture
Build a learning culture
Foster a collaborative learning environment with eLearning, peer-to-peer learning and coaching to create an organization-wide atmosphere of continuous improvement.

Elevate Your Online Employee Development Program with Absorb LMS

There's a lot riding on your company's learning and development strategy, but don't let the pressure convince you it'll be difficult to implement. Built by a team committed to quality above all else, Absorb LMS is the best employee development software for companies in it for the long haul. With scalable functionality and system architecture, Absorb LMS is built on a foundation that's both solid and adaptable. Innovative new features are added regularly, and AI-powered features keep learning alongside your team.  Whether your learners are in the office, at home or on the go, Absorb LMS keeps them connected and learning with reliable cloud-based infrastructure, multimedia support, automatic enrollments, email reminders, a mobile app and more.


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Why is Employee Development so Important?

Studies show how a solid employee learning and development strategy can impact organizational success:

learning and development policy
68% of employees rate their employer's training and development policy as the most important to them.

Source: HR Exchange Network
expanding role
76% of employees are interested in expanding their role with their current employer.

Source: HR Exchange Network
job satisfaction
83% of employees report additional job happiness when their employer takes an interest in developing their professional skills.
Source: Ceridian
employee retention
94% of employees would stay longer at a company that invested in their team members.

Source: Linkedin Learning
formal training
80% of employees believe that formal training would help them feel more engaged at work.

Source: Udemy
employee engagement
Engaged employees are up to 37% less likely to skip work, 18% more productive and 15% more profitable.


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How does Absorb LMS make employee development more effective?

Absorb LMS is employee development software, but it is a people-focused product at heart. Employees will get more out of continuous learning programs if they enjoy using them, so we utilize intuitive interfaces and AI to make the learning experience feel like second-nature. Absorb LMS equips administrators with all of the tools they need to customize lessons to a team's needs, including documents, video, live webinars and more. Even course management is designed for an optimal and efficient user experience.

Advanced tracking tools, customizable dashboards, integrations and analytics help you measure your ROI and keep tabs on employee progress. AI steers employees toward the programs that interest them while you keep tabs on your team's growth. These are just some of the features that provide an unmatched continuous learning experience.

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Why is Absorb LMS the Best Employee Development Software?

Absorb is dedicated to creating powerful employee development software that helps employees learn quickly. Our intuitive LMS engages employees, inspiring them to boost their productivity and grow within the organization. That's why large companies around the world trust Absorb LMS with their employee development programs, including popular chains such as The Gap and massive multinational corporations like Johnson & Johnson. We're also proud to work with a variety of SMBs, so you don't have to be a giant brand to take advantage of Absorb LMS.

For instance, a large university hospital was able to use Absorb LMS to track the progress of hundreds of employees as they renewed their annual mandatory training with a single administrator. Furthermore, that admin was able to use the Absorb LMS Enrollment Key feature to track the training progress of external practitioners. Employees at Scoular gave their lowest engagement scores to the employee development opportunities available to them. When Scoular invested in Absorb LMS, those team members became engaged in upward mobility training and other valuable development resources. See more below about what sets Absorb LMS apart from the rest.

Customer Service

Customer Service

  • Absorb is committed to your success. That's why Absorb LMS features top-notch support that caters to your organizational needs. Our in-house customer service team is available 24/7/365.

  • If you want to quickly find an answer yourself, Absorb LMS includes a variety of self-study resources. The Absorb Academy online portal and Absorb Knowledge Base are both tremendous resources when your employees encounter an issue in the field.

  • Absorb always puts your organization's needs first. Elite LMS Support provides you with a dedicated Client Success Representative who understands your training program and can provide the right assistance on demand.

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  • Absorb LMS protects your company and your teams. Absorb meets the SOC 2 Type 2 examination for Security and Availability standards. You and your team members can rest assured that personal and proprietary training information is safe.

  • Absorb LMS is GDPR-compliant, so you won't have to worry about violations hurting your organization's ability to compete. The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) limits how much data businesses can collect on European citizens regardless of where a company was established, and violators face severe penalties.

  • Training and career advancement opportunities are important to everyone. Absorb LMS is an industry leader in WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.0, ensuring that everybody in your organization can access the same developmental resources. 


Extended Features

  • The Absorb LMS mobile app supports on-the-go learning, so your sales team can review instructional materials while in the field just as easily as in the office. Single Sign On (SSO) functionality allows employees to use the same login credentials for multiple services for easy access.

  • Absorb LMS includes powerful standard integrations with services such as Salesforce and Zoom, plus a Restful API to connect your employee development software with other programs. You can also import learning library content from LinkedIn Learning, Skillsoft and others to help team members develop the skills they need.

  • Absorb LMS with Absorb Infuse empowers your teams to train on the programs they use every day. By injecting training materials into systems used on the job, your learning programs can kick in when needed and support mentoring.

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