Scale Your Business With Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS)

Not only does your company need to be agile in a fast-paced business environment, but it also needs a learning management system that can adapt to keep you ahead of the competition. When workers are able to improve their skill sets, businesses can accelerate growth and drive success — that’s where Absorb LMS comes in. With easily scalable learning, you can ease training management challenges and reduce manual processes to allow for growth opportunities. Designed to fit your business’s unique needs, Absorb LMS is the scalable, enterprise-ready solution you need.

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Future-Proof Your Teams’ Skill Sets With the Benefits of Absorb Enterprise LMS

Absorb LMS enables enterprise organizations to streamline training and re-skilling of current employees that will save on time, resources and costs compared to hiring new employees. When you do have new hires, it also allows organizations to create a seamless and consistent training experience for all employees, improving the onboarding experience and new employee retention. Absorb Enterprise LMS can help build your best workforce through its:

Intuitive System

Intuitive System

Absorb LMS is designed with an engaging, easy-to-use interface to facilitate better learning for admins and learners alike.

Advanced Capabilities

Advanced Capabilities

Built to support multiple users and user groups easily, Absorb LMS utilizes advanced AI to create a better learner experience each time you use it. We also offer Absorb Infuse to empower learning within the flow of work.

Engaging Features

Engaging Features

Encourage deeper learning for users with interactive learning features, such as social learning, collaboration forums, leaderboards and more. Absorb utilizes gamification (leaderboards, badges and points) to boost retention and enjoyment amongst learners.

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Utilize an Enterprise LMS to Meet Compliance Obligations

If your organization works in a regulated environment or industry, you need LMS software that can face compliance challenges head-on. With Absorb LMS, you can keep track and maintain all training records for any future audits; provide robust certification with sharing capabilities; ensure you’re in compliance with all industry and government requirements and standards via e-signatures, and so much more.

Learn more about Compliance Training with Absorb LMS.

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Absorb LMS For Enterprise vs. Extended Enterprise

What’s the main difference between an Enterprise LMS and Extended Enterprise LMS? Who you’re training. Your business is unique and understanding which LMS fits your needs best will help you maximize results.

  • Enterprise is typically used by large organizations to train internal staff across different department functions. It’s primarily geared toward internal training and is not extensible to third-party vendors.
  • Extended Enterprise includes modules to extend its LMS capabilities to third-party vendors of the company’s LMS. Learners and users can be from outside the organization (e.g. partners, customers, resellers and vendors) or could be a combination of external and internal learners.

FAQs about Absorb LMS for Enterprise

What systems does Absorb LMS integrate with?

Absorb LMS has several turnkey integrations with content libraries, web services and apps such as ADP, Zoom, Bamboo HR Salesforce and several content partners, including Absorb Amplify to power your learning needs.

Does Absorb LMS offer multi-language options?

Yes, it does! Absorb's LMS is available in 25 languages and you can communicate with a global learner-base, on-brand.

What kind of support does Absorb LMS offer??

Absorb LMS pairs our best-in-class learning software with an entire ecosystem of learning management system support options. Absorb Support is available 24/7, every day of the year, and is managed 100% in-house so high quality of service never wavers.

Start Using Absorb LMS for Enterprise Today

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