Reskilling Your Workforce to Adapt and Evolve

Reskilling Your Workforce to Adapt and Evolve


Anneliese Delgado


Companies have historically delivered reskilling training to remain competitive and avoid falling behind on technology trends. While those are still important benefits of reskilling, the COVID-19 crisis is driving companies to deliver reskilling training for additional reasons.

Business leaders are now turning to reskilling to fill in gaps that occurred after downsizing, budget decreases or other unforeseen disruptions. Workers may need to temporarily lead a team, interact with new clients or use unfamiliar technology. They might not have the experience or full skill set to perform at the highest caliber, so they need quick reskilling or upskilling to expand their talents and rise to new challenges.

Best practices for effective reskilling

Reskilling positions learners to better adapt to the future. Demonstrate your company's commitment to development and empower your organization to evolve with these reskilling best practices.

Leverage an intuitive LMS

Businesses use a learning management system (LMS) to deliver reskilling training, but if the system is complicated or outdated, effective reskilling will be a challenge. Select an LMS that's easy to use and can scale, with navigation and menus where you expect them to be. This intuitive experience will enable your learners to focus on the critical task at hand: reskilling.

Offer microlearning

Busy learners might not have time to complete full-length courses, especially if they're taking on new workloads. Offer short, bite-sized reskilling resources so learners quickly get the answers they need.

Diversify contentformats
Keep your learners engaged by incorporating different content formats during reskilling training. Weave videos, guides, community forums and gamification into your reskilling initiatives. It will empower learners to better retain information for the future.

Track progress

Reskilling does not happen in one day. You will need to measure reskilling progress over weeks, months and even years. Reliable LMS reporting and analytics will pinpoint which learners are on a positive reskilling trajectory and which ones need more training.

Tailor training

Customize reskilling training to align with the changing requirements in your industry. By clearly illustrating routes to success, like tailored learning paths, learners will know which skills they need to adapt for the future.

Content libraries for quick reskilling

Once you know the best practices for reskilling, the next step is delivering that training. Your learners need information quickly and your organization might not have time to create reskilling content from scratch.

Tap off-the-shelf courses to rapidly reskill and upskill your learners. Extensive course libraries dedicated to boosting hard and soft skills mean your L&D team won't be tied down for weeks, or even months, creating new content. This enables your L&D team to focus on other business initiatives, while your learners focus on preparing to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Strengthening hard and soft skills

Rely on ready-to-use courses to strengthen hard skills needed for your industry. Content providers offer curated content libraries to bolster skills in areas such as cybersecurity, programming languages, retail banking, computer software and more. Reskilling your workforce to solve technical challenges puts your organization on a path towards innovation and adaptability.

Soft skills are also vital for navigating changing business landscapes. Soft skills like creativity, collaboration and emotional intelligence equip teams to pivot and work through problems—even among geographically dispersed groups. Content creators such as Whil provide mini-courses and sessions that focus on improving emotional intelligence and resilience.

Ready-made content is a powerful solution for reskilling quickly. And offering content libraries through an LMS support these reskilling efforts. Integrating course content with an LMS enables your organization to quickly deliver reskilling and neatly keep training in one destination—connecting your learners with the resources they need to get the job done.

An LMS built for reskilling

Empower your learners to reskill and adapt. Tap an LMS made to quickly deliver intuitive reskilling training and integrate with course libraries, so your organization can flexibly navigate change.

Connect with an eLearning expert today to discover how Absorb LMS can efficiently reskill your workforce.

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