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Get the most out of your training and development

Is your current training technology holding you back? If you’re still trying to track your company’s learning and development programs with Excel or you’re using a dated LMS, you’re not getting all you can out of your efforts. Absorb LMS gives you the flexibility to create and deliver courses in way that suits your needs while also automating much of the time consuming administration.

Easy to use for administrators and learners

Absorb LMS gives administrators the power to schedule and automate much of the busy work other LMS’s require from their admins. Add in intuitive course setup, user management, and reporting tools and Absorb LMS lets you take back time to get on with the more important things. We designed the Absorb learner dashboard and course modules in a way that allows your users to simply and intuitively login and start training. Learners won’t need a training course on how to take their training course.

A flexible and configurable platform

The user interface in Absorb LMS offers the flexibility to be configured to reflect your organization’s brand and emphasize your training and communications priorities. The widget-based learner dashboard allows our designers to put together the perfect look for your training portal. The Absorb RESTful API plays well with other technologies, giving you even more options reporting and automation.

Learn anywhere, any time

Absorb LMS is designed to work. No matter what device you or your learners are using. From desktops to tablets to smartphones, Absorb LMS is optimized for them all in more than 20 languages. This allows your learners to train on a schedule that works best for them and even take advantage of otherwise unproductive time.

Why HTML5?

The Absorb LMS HTML5 user interface provides an engaging and effective learner experience regardless of whether content is being accessed on traditional computers, tablets such as iPads, or phones. Rather than shrinking down a traditional computer user interface to fit the smaller screens of mobile devices, the Absorb LMS interface adapts to different screen sizes as well as vertical and horizontal orientations.

  1. 1Enhanced Mobile Support
  2. 2Responsive Design
  3. 3Improved Accessibility

Learning Industry Standards

Absorb LMS supports established and new e-learning standards including SCORM, AICC and the next generation of SCORM, xAPI.

  • AICC
  • xAPI

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