Always-On eLearning Helps Health Care Workers Stay Informed

Always-On eLearning Helps Health Care Workers Stay Informed


Pamela S. Hogle


Marshaling learners for training sessions can be tough, especially in places like busy hospitals with 24-hour scheduling. Yet in the fast-paced field of health care, workers at all levels need to stay informed. That's where eLearning delivered through a learning management system is a lifesaver.

Your LMS can support content in multiple formats and track hands-on training, making it an essential part of your medical learning solution for both clinical and non-clinical staff. And because it's available around the clock—often with an accompanying mobile app—you can rest assured that training is just a few clicks away regardless of the learner's shift.

LMS offers access to rich resources

Doctors and nurses can hone their skills using the LMS to access libraries of training content that feature compliance training as well as additional learning opportunities, like soft skills training. The LMS can even facilitate communication and consultations with far-flung experts in your hospital's extended network, extending collaborative eLearning beyond the hospital walls and around the globe.

Immersive training improves skills

Immersive eLearning for skills training offers doctors the opportunity to practice surgical techniques on virtual patients—or use realistic scenarios to enhance their communication skills and polish their bedside manner. Researchers Maagaard et al. found that surgeons who practiced laparoscopic surgery skills in a virtual reality simulator had significantly better results than surgeons who had only conventional training, improvements that lasted more than six months after their initial training. A separate study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that surgeons trained in mastoidectomy using spaced repetition in a virtual reality simulation outperformed surgeons who had only "massed study"—repetitions all on a single day.

In addition, health care professionals at every level can benefit from using 3D images and models to study anatomy and learn to recognize abnormalities that could signal disease, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal.

Patients benefit from medical learning online, too

Health care workers increasingly share online preventive care and support resources to enhance their patients' care. For instance, the MyChart app enables patients to communicate with their medical professionals and access the MedlinePlus library of medical resources. Physicians can use the LMS and online patient records portal to suggest specific resources to patients on topics from prenatal to palliative care, ensuring they get accurate and current information.

Patients and providers alike benefit from videos and information resources on emerging treatments and pharmaceuticals, ranging from information on what a drug does to its side effects, drug interaction information and warnings about misuse.

eLearning in any format, on any device

While some training must be hands-on, it's easier than ever to move information-dense training and simulations into the LMS and offer eLearning in multiple formats that are short and mobile-friendly. A microlearning approach breaks comprehensive courses into concise training units that can include tutorial videos, infographics and mini-courses, all easily accessible in the LMS to keep busy medical professionals up-to-date.

The LMS simplifies recertification

Large hospitals have many regulations to follow and audits to pass. Track registrations and completions of compliance training, mandatory continuing education and recertification training with the LMS. Learners will never miss a deadline with automated reminders and easy access to the content and forms they need.

There are many ways to keep learners up to date and informed with a robust eLearning program based in your LMS. From patients to providers, orderlies to administrators, everyone will benefit from a rich offering of training in different formats—training that is available when and where they need it.

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