Transform training with an LMS for healthcare professionals

Transform training with an LMS for healthcare professionals


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Assembling learners for training sessions can be tough, especially in places like busy hospitals with 24-hour scheduling. Yet in the fast-paced field of health care, workers at all levels need to stay informed. That's where eLearning delivered through a learning management system (LMS) is paramount.

Your LMS can support content in multiple formats and track hands-on training, making it an essential part of your medical learning solution for both clinical and non-clinical staff. And because it's available around the clock—often with an accompanying mobile app—you can rest assured that training is just a few clicks away on any device, including tablets, regardless of the learner's shift.

What is a healthcare learning management system?

A healthcare LMS is a platform designed specifically for the training needs of healthcare organizations. It streamlines the creation, delivery, and tracking of training in healthcare for medical professionals at all levels.

How does an LMS enhance healthcare training?

While ensuring compliance with regulations is crucial, a robust LMS offers a wealth of benefits that extend far beyond meeting the bare minimum. This platform empowers healthcare organizations to create a truly engaging and effective learning environment for their entire workforce, both clinical and non-clinical, for both employees and their extended network. Let's explore some of the ways an LMS goes beyond compliance training:

Get access to rich resources

Doctors and nurses can hone their skills using the LMS to access libraries of training content that feature additional learning opportunities, like soft skills training in communication with difficult patients or cultural competency. The LMS can even facilitate communication and consultations with far-flung experts in your hospital's extended network, allowing you to connect with specialists in rare diseases or complex procedures, extending collaborative eLearning beyond the hospital walls and around the globe. With the use of online training courses, healthcare professionals can have access to a wide range of rich resources to enhance their skills and knowledge, from the latest CPR guidelines to cutting-edge surgical techniques.

Patients benefit from medical learning online, too

Health care workers increasingly share online preventive care and support resources to enhance their patients' care. Physicians can use the LMS and online patient records portal to suggest specific resources to patients on topics from prenatal to palliative care, ensuring they get accurate and current information.

Patients and providers alike benefit from videos and information resources on emerging treatments and pharmaceuticals, ranging from information on what a drug does to its side effects, drug interaction information and warnings about misuse.

eLearning in any format, on any device

While some training must be hands-on, it's easier than ever to move information-dense training and simulations into the LMS and offer eLearning in any format, on any device. A microlearning approach breaks comprehensive courses into concise training units that can include tutorial videos, infographics and mini courses, all easily accessible in the LMS to keep busy medical professionals up to date. This is a great solution for smaller organizations who try to minimize online training software costs, but still want to be able to scale the LMS as their company expands.

LMSs simplify recertification

Large hospitals have many regulations to follow and audits to pass. Track registrations and completions of compliance training, mandatory training in healthcare, and recertification training with the LMS. Learners will never miss a deadline with automated reminders and easy access to the content and forms they need.

There are many ways to keep learners up to date and informed with a robust eLearning program based in your LMS. From patients to providers, orderlies to administrators, everyone will benefit from a rich offering of training in different formats—training that is available when and where they need it.

Building professional development in healthcare

Effective L&D programs are crucial for healthcare organizations to thrive. Beyond meeting compliance requirements, a robust L&D strategy fosters a motivated and knowledgeable workforce. This translates directly to improved patient care.

This is where an AI-powered LMS becomes a critical tool. With its engaging learner experience and powerful administrative features, an LMS empowers you to:

  • Ensure compliance with confidence: Never miss a beat with automated tracking of all employee healthcare training. Monitor progress, identify knowledge gaps, and ensure all learning activities are documented for audits. Your LMS simplifies compliance with regulations like HIPPA and OSHA.
  • Streamline onboarding: A healthcare workforce is anything but static. An LMS allows you to deliver personalized onboarding programs for new staff, including part-time nurses, traveling physicians, and external partners. Get everyone up to speed quickly and efficiently, reducing costly delays.
  • Upskill your frontline heroes: Doctors, nurses, and other frontline staff are constantly on the move. Provide them with the training they need, when they need it. An LMS delivers bite-sized, mobile-friendly learning content that seamlessly integrates into their busy schedules.
  • Invest in continuous learning: Healthcare is constantly changing. An LMS empowers your entire workforce, clinical and non-clinical alike, to stay current with the latest advancements. Offer ongoing learning opportunities to ensure a safe and adaptable workplace that meets the ever-changing needs of your patients. By prioritizing your employees' professional development, you'll not only improve patient care but also boost staff retention.

An AI-powered LMS goes beyond the basics of compliance. It fosters a culture of continuous learning, giving your healthcare organization the edge it needs to deliver exceptional patient care.

Empower training in healthcare with Absorb LMS

Building a high-performing healthcare team requires commitment to continuous learning and development. Absorb LMS provides everything you need to prioritize healthcare learning, from streamlined onboarding and compliance management to ongoing upskilling for your entire workforce.

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Here's what sets Absorb LMS apart:

  • All-in-one platform: Manage all your learning initiatives from a single, user-friendly platform.
  • Seamless integrations: Ensure effortless data flow and accurate reporting with pre-built connectors for popular HCM, CRM, and other essential tools.
  • Learning on-the-go: Empower your busy healthcare professionals to learn on the go with Absorb's mobile-friendly interface.
  • Healthcare-specific content: Provide your team with access to a comprehensive library of pre-built training content, including courses from MedTrainer, to ensure they stay current with industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

Ready to take your healthcare training to the next level? Read the white paper and discover how Absorb LMS can help you build a highly skilled and motivated team that consistently delivers exceptional patient care.

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