Social Learning Platform: Unleash Potential with Absorb

Social Learning Platform: Unleash Potential with Absorb

Unleash your team's true potential with Absorb LMS –– the social learning platform that fosters a collaborative learning culture. In an increasingly distributed and isolated workforce, Absorb LMS delivers social learning tools that engage, inspire and bring people together.
Modern work environments encourage the sharing of ideas, perspectives and common goals that can help grow businesses. Absorb LMS is committed to providing innovative opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing and stronger connections between learners online.


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Absorb LMS keeps the user experience at the forefront, and that's what makes it so unique. They make it simple not only for learners, but also for the admins who manage the system.

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Gamify and Socialize Your Learning

Fuel self-directed learning with Absorb LMS –– the award-winning social learning platform.

Help your team sharpen their expertise with Absorb LMS social learning tools. These tools bridge the gap between the desire to learn and effective, digestible training methods.

Dashboards, interactive polls, leaderboards and newsfeeds all simplify training and boost engagement. Social learning and gamification in Absorb LMS helps teams:

  • Foster friendly competition and active growth culture
  • Ensure training is more fun and digestible
  • Drive business forward through dynamic learning

Why use Absorb LMS for social learning?

Boost Engagement
Boost Engagement
Accelerate your organization's growth in an environment where learning flourishes. The Absorb LMS social learning management system empowers your learners to share knowledge, training and expertise across teams, departments and locations.
Support Mentorship
Support Mentorship
Elevate your business's social learning training program by encouraging peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. Build motivation and foster team bonding through crucial training and mentorship.
Spark Connection
Spark Connection
Accomplish your goals by using social learning to solve business problems. The Absorb Learn mobile learning app brings your talent together to collaborate, learn and accomplish more.

Realize Your Growth Potential with Social Learning Software

Inspire growth-focused collaboration in your employee development program with Absorb LMS, the award-winning LMS with social learning features. Formal training is important, but many learners get more out of collaborative learning activities with their peers. Using social learning to solve business problems carries two key advantages. First, workers can apply what they've learned immediately, reinforcing theoretical knowledge. Second, employees can focus on the specific skills they need for the task at hand, minimizing workflow disruptions.

Social learning can be as informal as it is powerful, but it doesn't have to be a challenge to implement. Absorb LMS, a social learning management software trusted by over 23 million learners worldwide, incorporates social 

learning tools your teams can use to build a more engaged workforce. From mentoring to user-generated content, employees can build quality knowledge transfer opportunities within your social learning system on a daily basis. Gamification incentives like badges and leaderboards make social learning motivating and fun.

Absorb LMS offers a scalable social learning platform hosted in the cloud to accommodate organizations of any size and grow with them. With a focus on delivering quality and other advantages of modern learning technology, Absorb LMS is built on an advanced tech stack that facilitates seamless monthly updates. No more waiting for next year's release to take advantage of cutting-edge features.

How is social learning theory changing the way we work?

Awareness is building about the effectiveness of social learning in the workforce. Companies are getting great results from social learning training programs:

Social Learning approach
Social learning approaches have a 75:1 ROI ratio over purely web-based training

Source: ATD
increasing social learning
73% of companies expect to increase their emphasis on social learning in the future.

Source: eLearning Learning
social knowledge sharing
87% of employees identify social knowledge sharing as essential. Only 37% feel the same way about formal company training.
Source: Bloomfire
boost employee adoption rate
Cisco's social learning program boasted a 98% employee adoption rate in its first year with 80% of content being socially generated.

Source: eLearning Industry
thriving employees
Thriving employees are twice as likely to describe their role as "relationship-focused" and their work environment as "collaborative".

Source: Mercer
informal learning
70-90% of all workplace learning happens informally.

Source: Bloomfire

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Why is Absorb LMS the right choice for social learning software?

By leveraging gamification, collaborative tools and the best social media platform features, Absorb LMS provides an intuitive social learning system that your employees will immediately use to their advantage. Absorb Engage encourages collaborative learning activities that motivate remote workers, distributed salespeople, office employees and more to grow your business. Simple and intuitive interfaces for administrators and learners alike provide an unparalleled user experience that makes interacting and learning in the platform easy and fun. To top it off, Absorb LMS takes advantage of powerful AI technology that matches team members with the content they need when they need it to keep everything efficient and straightforward.

Sharing sensitive information on a social media learning platform may give you pause, but rest assured Absorb LMS boasts an SOC 2 certification and is committed to a level of data security that few others can match. Likewise, Absorb LMS meets WCAG 2.0 standards, making collaboration accessible to all employees even if they have visual, hearing or other impairments.

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FAQs about Social Learning Solutions

Elevate your company's social learning training program today

A great LMS social experience demands a variety of features and Absorb LMS has them all. Simplify the complexity of social learning management with Absorb LMS and watch your teams and business grow.


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