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Integrating the Namely platform with Absorb LMS reduces the time and complexity of managing human resource (HR) and learning processes across your organization.  Namely and Absorb LMS seamlessly integrate to give companies a reliable, centralized view of human resource (HR) and training data, eliminating manual data entry, record duplication--and costly administrative errors.

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Streamline HR Management

With a single sign-on (SSO) for both systems, you can improve the user experience for learners, administrators and organization leadership. Create rules that run automatic training assignments by attributes you define, such as identifying and automatically enrolling users who need to complete specific training. This reduces compliance risk and liberates the HR team to refocus on growing your business.  

Why Integrate Namely Into Absorb LMS?

Gain Efficiencies

Gain Efficiencies

Get seamless, single sign-on (SSO) access to all your HR and learning data in one place.

Sync User Information

Sync User Information

Get consistent and up-to-date records on both Absorb LMS and Namely.

Enhance Admin Experiences

Enhance Admin Experiences

Enroll users in training automatically and eliminate manual, administrative processes

FAQs about Namely integration

Why should I integrate my Namely with Absorb LMS?

Integrating Namely with Absorb LMS will streamline management of your HR and learning data, reduce unwanted mistakes and help you maintain clean, consistent data. Talk to us to learn more of the benefits for your business and learners.

What fields are able to be synced from Namely?

Most Namely profile fields can be mapped to Absorb default and custom user profile fields of a similar data type. This eliminates manual data entry and frees your team to work on higher-value projects.

How often does Absorb LMS sync with Namely?

You can customize the frequency of Namely/Absorb data sync to match your needs. Talk to us to learn more.

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