Zoom Integration

Fuel consistent, collaborative training for all your learners—regardless of location, device or operating system—by integrating Zoom video conferencing with your LMS. Integrating this secure, cloud-based communication solution with Absorb LMS brings you as close as you'll get to being in two places at once, reducing travel time and costs by taking face-to-face training online.

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An Intuitive Blended Learning Solution

The Zoom integration for Absorb LMS is a no-fuss solution that takes the work out of setting up and managing online training, meetings, virtual and hybrid classrooms, webinars and more. Simply select Zoom as the venue and Absorb LMS seamlessly populates session information to create the meeting room. Any changes made are automatically updated, so there's never a need to worry about attendees being out of the loop.

Why Integrate Zoom Into Absorb LMS?

Join From Any Device

Join From Any Device

No need for new tools or equipment—connect from any device or operating system

Keep Learners Engaged

Keep Learners Engaged

Encourage learner participation with live chat, screen sharing and more.

Create Virtual Classrooms

Create Virtual Classrooms

Set up meetings from within Absorb LMS that auto-update with any changes.

FAQs about Zoom Integration

Can you track attendance from Zoom sessions?

Yes. For instructor lead courses (ILCs) you can auto populate the attendance sheet based off the Zoom meeting attendees.

Do learners need an account to attend a Zoom meeting or training session?

No, as long as they have the Zoom Invitation URL or the Meeting ID they'll be able to attend. 

Can I offer training that meets accessibility standards such as WCAG 2.0 through the Zoom integration?

Yes. Like Absorb, Zoom takes accessibility very seriously and includes several accessibility features so you can offer quality training to all your employees.

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