My experience with the Absorb LMS over the past two years has been fantastic. I’ve worked with a variety of Learning Management System over the past fifteen years, and I have to say that the Absorb LMS is hands down the best I’ve ever worked with. The support I receive from the implementation team at Absorb is “World Class”. They truly are the best in the business in my opinion.

Steve Price
HALO Corporate Universities

Absorb LMS was the right product to organize our national firm-wide training program. It is easy to implement, simple to administer, and very user-friendly. Their staff is easy to communicate with, and they provide helpful, instructive guidance when fielding questions about their product.

Julian Fox
Learning Management System Administrator
Foley & Lardner LLP

At Security Innovation we needed a new LMS for our TeamProfessor Application Security eLearning business and we settled on Absorb after a broad and detailed search with formal criteria. We eliminated the big guys for their cost and lack of flexibility, and the little guys did not have the features or maturity we needed. Absorb has the right set of capabilities that met all of our criteria including scalability, administration ease and flexibility, reporting capability, and excellent user experience. It has all this at a great value and a simple, straightforward price model. After passing our evaluation testing easily, the bonus has been that the Absorb team has been great to work with on both the technical and business sides. Day to day needs are handled responsively and efficiently, and when our customers presented deeper challenges the Absorb team stepped up and delivered for us, without trying to squeeze money from us for every little task. We have rolled out thousands of users already in a very short time and look forward to tens of thousands more. We couldn’t be more satisfied.

Fred Pinkett
VP Product Management
Security Innovation, Inc.

Absorb LMS is great, the customer service is even better.

The Absorb LMS Help Desk & technical and creative staff - has played an integral role in ensuring our overall satisfaction with the LMS. The staff behind the scenes are highly professional, responsive and timely. The process for submitting inquiries is extremely simple and the Help Desk staff keeps our inquiry moving along ensuring complete resolution. We often rely on them to not only assist with inquiries but also collaborate on how to best load modules for our end user. We can't imagine a better support network.

Colin Smyth
Vice President of Theatre Services

When I saw the Blatant Media statement, “Invest in people – not software” I knew I had found the right partner. After being subjected to several complicated RFP processes for an LMS at other companies, I was looking for a solution that would match the innovative, creative and agile culture of our company.

Within two weeks, our Absorb Anywhere LMS was branded and fully operational, accompanied by a level of customer service that is consistent with the service we strive to provide our internal and external customers. Within six weeks, we had launched a new global product knowledge program, enabling our employees around the globe to increase their understanding of our core products and services.

While this program had been an unplanned, unbudgeted initiative, Blatant Media’s pricing was so reasonable that we won executive support to invest in the proper technology rather than waste time and money on a home-grown system.

Jennifer Fox
Director of Learning and Development, North America
Getty Images

Absorb LMS has been the answer to the countless frustrations we experienced with previous LMS providers. Their unique pricing model demonstrates that they have full confidence in their product and services. The user interface is not only simple and beautiful, it is very intuitive for our users. Absorb understands and has mastered the user experience. Utilizing Absorb LMS has allowed us to keep administrative costs down and has given us the capability to grow and expand our learning programs. From the beginning, Absorb has been a great business partner and extremely responsiveness to needs that arise. I appreciate the relationship we have built and how dedicated they are to our success. A standard of excellence has been set that will be hard for others to match.

Stephen Hadlock
Skill Development Manager
Wheeler Machinery Co.

Blatant Media’s Absorb LMS was just the solution we had been looking for. Once we had selected it, we were able to smoothly integrate it with our HRIS, and since then it has proved invaluable in providing real-time feedback on compliance and competency training.

The success of the product hinges on two key areas. Firstly, there is the excellence of the product itself, which is constantly evolving and growing based on customer feedback. Secondly, there is the exemplary customer service. Blatant staff are endlessly patient and are always willing to go the extra mile to satisfy our requirements.

Sarah Dewar
Learning Specialist
Toronto East General Hospital

I had the opportunity to search out an LMS for a project I was working on and of all the systems I looked at, Absorb stood out for a number of reasons. Number one, the learner facing UI is clean and intuitive so that no matter what computer know-how your learners have, they will be comfortable using their LMS straight away. Particularly the brand new UI. This was the most important feature for us as we work with a wide variety of learners, from the very novice computer user to the seasoned pro and we need to tailor everything we do to that variety.

The second biggest decision point was Absorb's reporting which is incredibly flexible and can be set to output exactly the data that you are looking for. And naturally, you can set the reports to generate at regular intervals and have the LMS email them to yourself, as well as others. If you prefer to keep others out of your LMS, you can do it that way and still report precisely the information the team is looking for without having to do it manually every time. If you do want to share access to the LMS with team members, either internally or externally, you can do that as well by setting up departments and smart departments, which are a very fluid and flexible way of grouping learners and administrators together based on particular criteria. This allows for very fine-grained access control so that the right people get the right information and the right tools into their hands.

Blatant Media as a company is a pleasure to work with, their team is supportive and responsive when you need help, but also, most importantly probably they are insightful and they think outside of the box. I've attended a few webinars that were purely for the interest of how to teach better and how to use my LMS to the full potential. The nuggets of insight I have been able to take away from these webinars has been invaluable to me and I still keep my eyes peeled for them.

Stefanie Pielahn
eLearning Consultant

Over the past 4 years, our business has grown with Absorb’s. I feel like they are my partners - not just a vendor. We operate globally and the user-friendliness of the user interface has been big plus and saved us hundreds and hundreds of hours of customer support.

Craig Moss
Managing Partner
Social Fingerprint LLC

The LMS itself is phenomenal, but it’s the people at Blatant Media that truly stand apart. From my initial inquiry to learn about the LMS, to help desk trouble tickets, the team has consistently been responsive and highly passionate about what they do. Even when we encountered some bumps in the road during the implementation phase, the Blatant team went above and beyond to support us – with a healthy dose of good humor too!

Mike Collado
Director of Marketing
SOLiD Technologies Inc.

Absorb provided the best support possible as we transitioned from our former LMS platform. The data migration was challenging and Mathieu Brillon and his team provided tremendous support at every turn, resulting in our being able to implement on-time and with much success. Our end users love the simplicity of the interface and find it to be very easy to use. We have had few issues--mostly username resets-- since launching on 1-28-15. I highly recommend the product itself and the entire Absorb team.

Lisa O'Mara
Training and Internal Communications Manager

I very much appreciate the support Craig and Al and the Absorb Support team provided to me and my team yesterday when our website catalog of courses went down. I know with the time difference Absorb didn't receive our tech support tickets or emails until after business hours in the evening, but you still pivoted and acted quickly to research, identify, and resolve the problem within a couple of hours. In fact, since the problem was resolved before the early AM eastern time, we were able to avoid any marketing/branding/customer service damage on our end and we had our advertising and email promotions back up and sending learners to our e-commerce site and catalog listing before the morning. Turns out it was a simple email address update we made that caused the hiccup, but thank goodness you identified that error on our part quickly. Thank you SO much for the prompt attention to our outreach for help! And, the customer service response from Al and Craig was great.

Alysha Loumakis-Calderon
Vice President and General Manager
CareerSmart Learning

Absorb is a fantastic LMS! They offer full flexibility to customize the user interface. The existing template is very intuitive, so it was an easy for us to add our branding. The LMS is extremely robust and with some basic training you can figure out how to do almost anything you want. You can build an assessment and create surveys in a matter of minutes. Any change you make is instantly updated which helps when testing courses. The experience can be as broad or as detailed as you like with features to force learners to take courses in a certain order or allow learners to create their own learning path. The LMS allows you to upload courses, add instructor-led classroom courses, webinars or bundle courses together to customize learner experiences.

Absorb has amazing customer service with prompt responses. The Project Managers are very attentive and help you every step of the way. This is truly an out-of-the-box solution with no extra IT support needed.

Cecilia White
Learning Manager

We've been using Absorb 4 for around 8 months and have been very pleased. The platform offers flexible user structure and learning paths that have met and surpassed all of our needs. I also can only express positivity for their customer service and support. Their platform specialists and implementation staff have been excellent.

Gabe Cember
Instructional Designer
Beam Suntory

We chose Absorb for our client because of its ease of use and slick interface. We received tremendous support from the Absorb team to help us customize and integrate Absorb into our client's existing secure site. The product is fantastic and was very well received by our client and their customers (end users) and we continue to receive excellent support from their team as we develop our clients online learning environment further.

Tafari Jilany
Account Manager

We implemented Absorb 6 months ago for the purpose of learning delivery and tracking for approximately 3000 learners and tracking only for an additional 7000 learners. While not providing everything on our 'wish list', we are very pleased with our Absorb partnership and have received positive reviews across our organization.

What we like:
- Ease of usability on both learner and admin side
- Automated email notifications across a variety of triggers
- Highly configurable for the creative thinker
- Certification tracking
- Exceptional customer service!

Stephanie Rizzuti
Director of Training

For both the Administrator and Learner, Absorb's interfaces are intuitive and easy to navigate.

Paula Bonner
Course Developer

We are a small company implementing our first formal LMS. Absorb replaces a home grown, manual system so it had to be easy and flexible. The ability to handle instructor-led courses as well as e-learning was a big plus.

Ann Linley
Mgr. Tech Communications & Training
KMC Controls Inc.

We have used Absorb for several of our clients now, and after using open-source LMS solutions in the past, are really impressed with the forethought put into creating this platform. Each update enhances the offering.

Randon Chisnell
Web Designer
Newhall Klein

When Benefitfocus launched the initiative to start a University in Spring of 2014, one of the first items on the list was to choose and LMS. I spent six weeks of research (the long list of ~90 providers), demos (to get to the medium list of 13) and then scheduling the short list of three for an on-site demonstration.

After the demo, there was really no question on who to choose. Not only the the product clearly outperform the other candidates but the ease, clarity and passion with which Dan Medakovic spoke of Absorb knocked the other representatives out of the park!

We are very pleased with Absorb and the folks at Blatant. Can't wait for 5.0!

Bucky Wall
Benefitfocus University

I chose Absorb because of its positive reviews and reputation and so far I have been very satisfied with my choice. The LMS has been versatile and capable of doing everything I have asked of it.

The interface takes some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it is easy to navigate through. There are some functions that need updating but there is rumors of an upgrade coming that should address those.

Even though they are located in Canada and one of their offices is at a time difference to my office, they have been very attentive and quick to respond to my emails and calls.

I would recommend Absorb LMS.

Dan Eident
Multimedia Developer
Northeast Maritime Institute

The Absorb LMS has proven to be a reliable product for our 80K annual trainees. The team at Absorb is quick and creative with solutions when needed. The value proposition based on delivery expectations is top notch. Feel free to contact me for a personal recommendation or if you have questions.

Leslie Smith
Executive Director
Smart Serve Ontario

Absorb LMS is certainly one of the best looking LMSs on the market. The HTML5 interface makes tablet learning an easy addition to our e-learning strategy with little to no extra work. Customer service has been excellent, they've been happy to make changes to the system and respond to our requests promptly.

We're certainly looking forward to the new admin interface.

What we like: look and feel, design, multi-language (learner and admin), extended enterprise, mercury module, support.

Overall: Great company, nice people, best LMS system in the mid-high market level.

Martin Tennant
Assistant Manager - Learning & Advancement
Wynn Macau

The features of the Absorb LMS fulfilled our needs perfectly. The system is intuitive and allows for so much flexibility through their multi-tenant approach to their portals. Their team is always response to our request and are always willing to work with us on improving the platform for not only us as administrators but for all our clients and end users.

Having worked with the team at Absorb for more than two years I would be hard pressed to recommend any other Learning Management System to any one looking for one as SaaS.

Colin Dempsey
Support Manager
Security Innovation

I haven't seen a more efficiently designed "admin" portal. The user dashboard is streamlined and intuitive. The design team works with you to give you a custom image, and custom content. On top of it, they are staying current with the technology curve, so when I hear about it, they already know and are playing with it. It's great to know I won't outgrow my LMS and that our learners love the look and functionality.

Valerie Santoro
Director of Training
Great Lakes Wine & Spirits

The ease of use of the admin interface, which we reviewed before purchasing Absorb, is FANTASTIC! In particular, the reporting feature (that provides detailed and simple to run reports) has been a considerable time saver for us.

We were very pleased with the service provided by Omniplex Ltd when purchasing Absorb LMS. their willingness to provide excellent customer service has allowed us to create a much more straightforward user and admin experience.

Christopher Grant
eLearning Developer
a happy organisation!

Very impressed with Absorb's LMS. The most progressive and intuitive platform I have seen to date.

No other LMS allows you to brand the interface to such detail and the user experience is highly usable and intuitive.

Great execution of thoughtful design.

Jack Makhlouf
eLearning Director
eLearning Mind

As the single developer, content writer and administrator for my company's e-learning solution, Absorb LMS has made my life so easy. Running this system for my company is only about 1/10th of my overall responsibilities, and I don't have a full team developing our online tools, so having a reliable, minimal maintenance system makes it possible for me to do everything.

This framework is intuitive and gives many options for customization both on the front and back end.

What has astounded me is that in the 18 months that our company has had this system we have had zero critical down time. ZERO.

In the beginning I only had a basic understanding of and experience with e-learning systems and the support teams often went above and beyond, being patient with my rookie errors, working the problem, and frequently offering suggestions to my unique issues that were beyond their exact responsibility as support. I never got the feeling that they were brushing off my concerns as "USER ERROR", even when that was the root of the problem.

Great Company, Great System!

Dawn Keim
National Training Coordinator

The Absorb LMS is a streamlined LMS that functions as an LMS should, it handles transcripts, self-paced courses, ILTs and assessments. The platform is HTML5 compatible and works great on a MAC and tablet devices. We chose the Absorb LMS because we needed a great LMS, not an LMS that tried to be six other things at once. The development and support teams are responsive and willing to work to improve the product as needed.

Anne Marie Danko
Associate Director
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

This past year we have been working to convert a course from only a classroom environment into one that blends face-to-face meetings with interactive online materials. Choosing the right LMS was the key to making this blended environment work. Absorb LMS provides our learners with an incredibly user-friendly interface that allows them to get what they need, when they need it, and still focus on the learning materials. Absorb LMS has been the perfect choice for us!

Steve Dunn
Project Coordinator
Institute for Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship

For our non-profit, we have over 2,000 learners imported into the LMS.

We like that Absorb works with our Association Management System, has a nice interface, and utilizes SSO.

Mark G
eLearning Manager
Non-profit medical association

The user side is fantastic, easy to use and very intuitive. The admin side took some time to understand but now it really makes sense and we can accomplish our tasks in a timely manner. Reporting capabilities are fantastic. Creating a report and then having the ability to auto-generate daily/weekly/monthy is very useful.

Tony Isaac
Supervisor, Instructional Design

The software is easy to use and intuitive and meets the need of our company's educational goals.

My lower ranking of customer service has more to do with the fact that many issues we raise are often met with the same answer: "that is planned for a future release". Overall, Absorb LMS has been a great tool for us.

Ron Massicotte
Prophix Software

Before we switched to AbsorbLMS, we were using a clunky, old-fashioned LMS that disregarded user experience and ease-of-use. Learners were deterred, turned off, and didn't view it as a true developmental resource. That's when we decided to make the switch to Absorb.

Since we've converted, we've seen increased activity and learner satisfaction skyrocket. Just the other day, I received an email that said the LMS is "looking amazing!" it's gotten so easy and intuitive." I've received many more comments just like that from learners, and it only validates that we made the right decision for our organization.

AbsorbLMS keeps the user experience at the forefront, and that's what makes them so unique. They make it simple not only for learners, but also for the admins who manage the system.

It's a great product, and I highly recommend it to any organization who wants to increase online learning engagement.

Ellen Branson
Instructional Designer
Sage Products, LLC

We have used Absorb for approximately two years and have had great success. We were attracted to the features and their obvious commitment to improving the breed. Their recent release makes for an even better user experience, and allows us to develop mobile courses that are easily tailored to whatever device our clients are using. Fantastic people to deal with - they helped us get started and continue to provide great support.

Keith Sheardown
Senior eLearning Consultant
New Flyer Industries / Donsson Innovation Group

It's amazing how many companies tout their HTML5 or mobile compatibility these days (and if you're like me, you consider HTML5 to be the worlds biggest buzzword that translates to... "not flash"). The thing is, when it comes time to perform, few platforms, specifically in the LMS world work well. Absorb has consistently impressed us with their ability to adapt to mobile devices. They didn't just resize the desktop version which is a common practice, they have a truly responsive setup with great design-style and usability in mind. Now if only Adobe would hurry up creating a way to publish flash to HTML5 we'd be getting somewhere!

Eric Bort
Owner & Creative Director
Clearly Trained

Absorb provides all the functionality that you would expect from a traditional Learning Management System, with unique features that empower us to deploy an intuitive customer learning portal. Our business is to deliver virtual instructor led training online, and we use the LMS to manage customer enrollments into our course sessions, assignment of instructors and customer related messaging and reporting. In addition we've integrated it with our corporate website and back-end accounting system. Our customers find it very easy to utilize self-enrollment features.

We find Blatant Technologies extremely easy to work with, as they continuously strive to help us improve the ease of our business processes through team collaborative solution development.

Absorb provides a very clean and professional user interface which accurately presents the Dale Carnegie image to it's customers.

What we love about Absorb LMS:
- Access to easy Admin reporting with basic customization and scheduling capabilities
- Responsive Technical Support Group
- Ease-of-use for both Admin and Student sites
- Continuous system enhancements such as upgrade to HTML platform
- Ability to customize user interface, images, and messaging through Admin site.

Dan Heffernan
General Manager
Dale Carnegie Digital

Absorb LMS is easy-to-use from both an admin and learner stand-point.

Customer Service is excellent -- always friendly and prompt. Compared to other LMS tools, Absorb was in the price range we wanted and wasn't clunky and difficult to use like others we explored.

Elizabeth Bolen
Marketing Specialist
National Rehab

The Absorb LMS is easy to implement and even easier to administer. We recently transitioned to the new html interface and can now offer our employees training on any device. The Absorb Team made the transition the easiest system implementation I've done.

Linda Witherspoon
Century Payments

The ease of speaking with Absorb's staff to help resolve issues or problems is unprecedented. They are fast to reply and willing to jump into issues that could very well end up as problems with the compilation of a course, which is beyond the scope of the LMS. If the system doesn't have something, requests are put on a wish list and a good number are implemented with each release.

We've been with Absorb for over 2 years and I can say hands down you won't find better support and overall excellent treatment of customers than by Blatant.

Nancy Meyer
Program Manager
Online Svcs & Instructional Design

This is a great system for those beginning to expand into e-learning or for those who have years of experience with said systems. New users can pick up on the system navigation with little interaction and Absorb provides great customer support.

Why we like Absorb:
- Easy to train end-users/learners
- Ability to customize system to appear as company solution
- Customer support is quick to respond and very helpful
- Provides ability for single sign-on from other systems

Greg Goodale
Marketing Manager

We moved from a home grown LMS/CRM system and went shopping for many different LMS providers. After evaluating over 25+ of the top LMSs and talking to LMS Consultants, we happily purchased Absorb. The main reasons for us was that they are on a CDN (Content Delivery Network), They work with us on customization, they have a great support team, and the ability for us to have self enrollment based on an enrollment key.

We have a yearly software review policy at our company to evaluate the UI, cost, usability, etc. During this review we evaluate other LMS providers and yet none of them even come close to superb quality of Absorb. We highly recommend them!

Dustin Ring
Director of Technology
Corporate Visions Inc.

Nice interface and excellent feature set - great coupon tool, course bundles, shopping cart functionality, multi-module courses, lesson plans, forced pre-requisites, monitoring and reporting (SCORM and AICC), scheduling tool, assessments and surveys, discussion boards, linking resources to courses, multi-tiered and customizable user/admin management, certificates, wait-list management, and customizable automated email notifications. Integrates with our web-based training platform (Adobe Connect), supports both self-paced and instructor-led courses, responsive to customer requests, able to go from zero to fully-functional LMS in a matter of days. Great value.

Absorb is a solid LMS and a great solution compared to any alternative we examined from a cost/benefit perspective. Things that are cons are more than made up for by the pure breadth of functionality available for the price, and they're very very good at taking customer feedback and making improvements to their product. I'd be comfortable recommending them to any business looking to start up a new LMS or replace an aging in-house system.

Jason Eden
Education Services
Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.

Absorb has built a top-notch LMS that has a look and feel that users and administrators can both jump right into and use quickly and intuitively. Over the two years we've been with them, they have drastically improved their up-time, implemented useful new features and have always quickly responded to any issues.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Absorb to any company looking to expand into the online training realm. We have tried out a few LMS' in the past few years, and Absorb continues to be one of the best in the business.

Aaron Clow
Manager - Online and Multimedia Training
FalconStor Software, Inc.

Excellent LMS system. Built clean and simple, works clean and simple. This LMS is typically faster than most and is very user friendly. The admin side is also self explanatory and has amazing reporting functions. Many other tools and functions to use that I couldn't find in other LMS systems. Blatant's support is fast and helpful.

I recommend this LMS system and recommend you host it with Blatant, because you'll receive new system updates immediately.

Tim Young
Multimedia Specialist
Washington University School of Medicine, CME

A great LMS choice for businesses of all sizes. Ideal for separating internal and external facing courses. Absorb is a new generation of LMS, light and agile, with all the features you actually use.

What we love about Absorb LMS:
- Custom Admin Roles / Levels
- Custom, HTML Email
- Easy SCORM Course Loading
- Beautiful Learner Interface
- Rackspace Hosting
- Custom Reporting with Subscribing
- Amazing Pricing
- Full API
- Integration with

Eric Matas
Education Specialist

What we like: Extremely intuitive and easy to use for both system users and system administrators. Customer support and service responsiveness has been superb. They have been there for us 100% of the time.

Overall: I would highly recommend both the company and their products

Mike Smith
Chair of Technology
Talent Plus

Pros: Mike and his team have been great to work with. Our organization has benefited through our association with Blatant Media.

Cons: none that I know of.

Overall: highly recommend.

Lorene Kent
Belmont Publications, Inc.

Pros: The ease of using the product, which includes reporting features, and enrollment key set up and also being open to adding new features if possible. Customer service support has improved in many ways, such as introducing one key contact for business inquires, indicating the response guidelines and setting up webinar training sessions by scheduling as meetings.

Cons: No cons as any of the suggestions that have been put forward as additions/improvements have been listened to and this is beneficial as one suggestion from one customer may be beneficial to another customer.

Overall: I have and will continue to recommend Absorb LMS. The system is very user friendly.

Edna Howdle
Recruitment & Training Manager
Calgary Co-op

Pros: Very friendly and responsive company.

Cons: I can't think of anything

Overall: I highly recommend Blatant Media's Absorb LMS.

Valerie Sheppard
Director, eLearning

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