Learnport Scales Employee Learning With Absorb LMS

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Meet the Client

Learnport is an online learning course provider offering multimodal training content on a variety of subjects including IT, compliance, business and more.

Customer Experience Story Overview

With 150,000 active learners (and counting!) Learnport uses every tool in the Absorb LMS toolbox to efficiently and effectively scale training for employees at organizations throughout California. Using Absorb Analyze, Absorb Engage and Absorb Infuse—as well as content from multiple content library partners—Learnport delivers over 30,000 live training sessions every single week.

When asked what makes Absorb LMS the right choice for the job, Learnport CEO Steve Price said there was one thing that made all the difference: the people.

Pain Points

Learnport uses Absorb LMS to deliver a variety of training content to employees throughout the state of California. Not only must its LMS be capable of delivering training at scale, but it must also streamline access to learner data so that there is a single source of truth for training records, particularly when it comes to delivering, tracking and reporting on compliance training.

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There are a lot of learning management systems out there, and I’ve used a ton of them over the years, but when you listen to your customers, and you work with them—that’s probably the number one reason [I chose Absorb LMS]
Steve Price, Learnport

Results Worth Sharing

Since launching Absorb LMS, Learnport has logged over 10 million training records. At the time of recording, the company’s active learner count was set to double from 150,000 to 300,000 within 90 days—impressive growth only the most scalable eLearning solution could accommodate.

Using Absorb Infuse, Steve Price and his team have created a completely custom user interface that continues to evolve as its learners’ needs shift. Not only does Learnport deliver and catalog between 30,000 and 35,000 live training sessions every week, but the company is a frequent early adopter of new products and features to ensure learners have as many opportunities as possible to participate in training.

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